• It'll die in the future

    Because atheism in general is leaving belief, but not because of rational reasons instead it's based on feelings and personal problems, in the end most people worldwide consider religion and belief an important factor in our life, atheism doesn't have a strong foundation that gives each of us a strong reason to live anyways

  • It's just a trend

    They have less kids, and eventually athiests convert once their shown simple facts of why God exists. It's just a trend that people do because their angry at their parents. Most people stay religious, and many atheists convert. It's like saying in the 60's hippies wouldn't eventually die out, sure there are some left, but most have come back to being normal people.

  • Most Atheists Aren't Really Atheists

    Although I believe that some atheists are truly atheists, most are really just agnostics. Those who say they do not believe in God or any other higher power tend to become religious near the end of their lives. I'm not saying that it will die out, but it will certainly become taboo again in the future, as history has shown that when religion starts to dwindle, people come back to it for one reason or another.

  • They have less kids

    They generally have less kids. Of course, not all people who were raised religious stay religious. But since there is likely to be growing instability in the world due to climate change more people will stick with or go back to religion. When times are tough, more people look to religion for meaning and consolation.

  • How can it?

    Atheism is based on rational thought and scientific advancements. Religion is based off of irrational thought and fairy tails. As we become more advanced there will be less need for your "God of the Gaps". If we become a society of brain dead morons, then atheism might die out, but if we did become a society of brain dead morons then how would "God" be omnibenevolent?

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Atheism will actually grow

    Here is an interesting thing: In nations around the world who have high education rates, there are more atheists than thestists.
    Now on to the question at hand "Will atheism die out?". Of course not, as long as there are people who like to critically think about our existence, who try to solve why we are here with logic and with the scientific method.

  • It's not a phase, it's who we are

    Atheism is not being angry at god. Atheists are not angry at god any more than christians are angry at Zeus. Since science is flourishing and people are becoming more informed in this day and age and now that religion is removed from school teachings and being replaced with science, unless conservatives somehow drastically change the school system, atheism will grow and flourish, and eventually, will possibly dominate.

  • Atheism won't, but religion will

    Over the past five centuries or so we have seen a dramatic decrease in religious fanaticism until we reached the point that it barely exists in the western world. And now, since the mid 20th century we have seen a steady increase in atheism and agnosticism. Atheists and agnostics continue to be the leading edge of our society, with some of the most intelligent people alive (think: Stephen hawking, Michio Kaku) and the most successful people (think: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett) being atheists. Additionally, due to the principals of science being increasingly widely known in our society, religion isn't something that is needed anymore, and without it being passed on from generation to generation, probably would not exist anymore

  • No - It will grow

    Atheism is the rejection of the belief that there is a God, Christian or otherwise. Since such a belief is indeed false, it is hardly likely that religion will survive the age of the Internet. Many atheists are de-converts who, having been raised in a religion, were able to investigate it on their own and realize that it was untrue, aided greatly by the wealth of knowledge and other ideas found on the Internet that were unavailable essentially a decade and a half ago. Religion cannot stand up to logic and science, and as such will die out with education. Christianity invokes the fear of hell, guilt, and social pressure to keep people from thinking further, yet it makes no substantive headway in terms of justification. Apologetics such as Pascal's Wager and the Argument from Design are transparently fallacious. Atheism will probably eventually die out as a meaningful term, though, when there's nobody religious left.

  • No.

    That's like asking if science will suddenly stop existing. If logic would disappear. As long as there are people of even remote intelligence present on this earth, the concept of atheism will always be retained. Anyone who has the slightest idea of the concept of intelligence will remain atheistic, as is right.

  • It Won't Die Out

    Atheism will not die out. Similar to a religion, it something people believe in. Unless something appears that leaves no doubt at all about a specific religion, atheism will exist. There are many atheists in the world and the number is constantly growing. It is not going anywhere any time soon

  • No, it will, in fact, grow larger.

    Theism is a product of ignorance, providing made-up explanations for the unknown. As scientific progress continues, the claims of theistic religions will continue to be disproven. God already exists only in the gaps in our knowledge. As it becomes safer to question the assumptions of religion, more and more will do so. It is theism which has numbered days.

  • No, atheism will not die out

    As long as there is religion there will be atheism. Religion and atheism are like hot and cold, yeng and yang, up and down. You cannot have one without the other. So whether it is the true belief that there is no higher power, or simple desire to be contrary, atheism will exist and serve to balance religion.

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