Will atheism one day be the world's dominant belief system?

  • Education over superstition

    There is no evidence for anything supernatural whatsoever. Although science cannot answer everything, we can be reasonably sure that a logical answer always exists. Not only does all scientific evidence point toward an explanation without God, it contradicts many religious beliefs. There are many fields of study that undermine popular religious notions including science, philosophy, history, and logic.

  • Rationalism follows economic progress and everyone is already an atheist now.

    Everyone on earth is an atheist toward the thousands of gods they dont believe in. At some point, they will realize that fantasy affords us nothing and that they believe in their preferred god for the same bad reason everyone else believes in theirs and their children believe in monsters or santa. God does nothing for us. I'm speaking of the concept, not a person. It explains nothing, it changes nothing, it fixes nothing, it builds nothing, but in its name we kill and destroy. Human progress is toward a world of truth reason and a rejection of the exploitative nonsense called religion, gods with it.

  • The beliefs of yesterday are the mockery of tomorrow.

    People laugh when they think about gods with bird heads which demanded human sacrifices. Although, thousands of years ago any contradiction of these beliefs would have been absurd. Religion is slowly beginning to become less ridiculous and soon it will be gone altogether as people learn more about the world

  • Logic and reason will always prevail

    Religious beliefs, however deeply culturally rooted they may be, don't hold up to modern logic and reasoning. Science has given humanity everything, EVERYTHING and the fact that we continue to hold onto silly fictitious beliefs is absurd. Religion is fascinating and interesting from a historical context, but atheism will prevail as the predominant belief system.

  • Of course it will, obviously

    Atheism is growing really fast. Apart from that, people created God to give answers to the things they didn't understand. Now we have smart scientists, they gave logical explanations to the things people needed a god for. Everyone will see it once, we can't stay stupid. Humanity is getting smarter, so we can be sure religion won't be needed anymore in the future.

  • Atheism is the future

    Religions tried to explain natural phenomena and basic questions 3000 to 2000 years ago. They were region based like middle eastern, asian etc. There is no ONE true religion, every religion thinks their god is right but in reality there is no god. Science has given us solution of every problem. It answers our basic questions and it does not divide people. Religions divides, they are cruel and most importantly very very out dated. It has no place in today's world and people are rejecting their faiths and becoming atheist. It is the future of the world.

  • Reason and logic win in the end.

    I left the church due to what I felt were illogical and/or unreasonable belief systems. While the idea of an all powerful, all knowing omnipresent god sounds nice, that alone in my opinion, doesn't make him/her real. I wish I could believe, really, but my brain won't allow it. I don't preach my beliefs or try to convert others, but I will engage in thoughtful discussions if asked.

  • Belief in fairies, ghosts, and gods is not logical.

    The only use for religion is to keep a few elevated above the many. When the illogical fallacies of the religious lay open to inspection they all fall to dust. As the pious see their grip on the many weakening they try to avert the gaze of truth to lies against others such as homosexuals, atheists, socialists, and the educated. As with all good things this movement toward logic will only accelerate until the only place for religion will be in the history books beside belief in a flat earth, Zeus, and slavery.

  • Yes, it will.

    It will be the world's dominant belief system in (give or take) a couple of decades. People will lose faith, and stop teaching their children what is a myth. Then, in turn, religion will die down. The believers shall be old, or dead; and those who are alive that believe will keep quiet due to the fact that religious folks simply are outnumbered.

  • Numbers don't lie.

    Unless there is a major shift in conversion, atheism will be dominant in a generation or two. The other religions are hopelessly fractured (Christianity has more denominations than verses in the Bible), and are under enormous strain from massive moral corruption of the priest class. Don't get me wrong, religion will never disappear. Atheism is neutral when it comes to religion. There will be no atheist crusades against the religious. Religion will simply suffer marginalization, like the Amish.

  • No, atheism will not be dominant religion

    Christianity is a major world religion and has been around for many centuries. Christianity is a religion that transcends culture, economic status, sex, age and demographics. Not only Christianity, but other major religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and the Muslim faith have large numbers of believers. Atheism, although quite possibly growing in numbers, does not seem as though it will be the dominant religious belief anytime soon.

  • I don't think so

    Religion is one of the most important things on this earth. Sure it has caused problems and wars but people were fighting for what they believe in. I honestly don't think something that people would be willing to sacrifice their own life for will just go away. I also don't think it is fair to judge other peoples beliefs just because you don't share them.

  • It is possible, but there will always be people in pursuit of some sort of spirituality.

    It is a part of human nature to look for spiritual meaning. Atheism might be the popular view in the western world today, but tomorrow it might be replaced by something else. Even today, when a lot of people are rejecting organized religion, many of them turn to other forms of spirituality - Zen Buddhism, Wicca, paganism, monism, etc.

  • Not at all

    The population keeps growing more people are brought in many of different beliefs yet many will still turn to atheism some will see the work of god and turn to christianity. At the moment christianity is the dominant belief system and atheism is very unpopular but soon it will rise but I do not believe it will overpower christianity there are over 1 Billion atheists in our population the rest still believe in some sort of god. Science is proving and disproving god at the same time most are theories. However, Historians are proving the bible correct every step they take theres, the shroud of turin found in the 1900's believe to be the cloth Jesus was wrapped in and theres Noah's ark a large boat located in turkey which is buried in a lot of dirt research a little if you want to know more. So its all over the place but I choose to believe in a god because its a win win.

  • There will always be people of faith.

    I am an atheist, but I simply cannot imagine a world where that becomes the dominant belief (actually non-belief) system of the planet. Some people just need something greater than themselves to believe in. Others need something greater than themselves to justify their hate. Sometimes both. For these two reasons, there will never be an atheist majority world.

  • Atheism is only on the rise in countries where the native population is in decline

    The most atheistic countries (Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, and Latvia) have a declining population held up by mass immigration of Croats, Poles, Chileans, Filipinos, Pakistanis, Indians and Africans. All whom have a very high participation rate in their respective churches and mosques and have large families. The Future of these countries is the children from these large families, not sterile, impotent, sexless joyless single atheists. Religion is spreading fast through communities that celebrate life, love living and feel hope. Even if they are poor and "underdeveloped" (Uganda, Congo, Ethiopia, Vietnam). In fact, there were hardly any Catholics in Vietnam 20 years ago, now there are more than western Europe.

  • Don't underestimate people's stupidity.

    In many countries were atheism has a significant population (Western Europe), there is a good social security. Education is almost accessible to young people and it has government support. People become atheist due to better education and better social stability. This is not the case in many countries. Poverty (which breeds ignorance) is still a huge problem in many countries. If someone is poor, he can't afford to go to higher education (since universities are not for free) and thus, will remain ignorant for most of his life. In order for atheism to be dominant belief system, poverty should be eliminated first.

  • Islam is the truth

    The true. Question is will Islam be the domint religion because it will anybody and every body can be Muslim Islam's universitality is the mission of the holy prophet SAW Islam is truthful and will be there are more Muslims golably than atheists and legacy will always live on the legacy of the truth of Islam will always live on

  • I doubt it very much.

    Life is a mystery and always will be, there are people who may boast to know it all but we are very far of from knowing everything in this vast universe. Science does not have all the answers and there are some things science can never answer, such as if a person really loves you, or even if the world will become dominantly atheistic. As it stands, as long as there is an element of mystery in the world, and there always will be, people will look to God as being the being behind all the mystery.

  • Not a chance...

    This question assumes atheism to be the most reasonable conclusion. I believe if we look to theoretical physicists, and other scientists we will see that the predominant religious philosophies held by the most intelligent individuals are agnosticism, and deism. Einstein himself was a deist, as were the founders of this Nation. Stephen Hawking and Neil DeGrasse Tyson are both agnostics, but Stephen Hawking has recently proposed some theories I believe will lead him to deism.

    I believe this is where we should look to know what reason will lead us to believe in the future. There are not too many scientists who claim to be atheists in comparison to those who claim to be agnostics or deists. Deism requires a bit of agnosticism, but atheism espouses an empirical view that most scientists reject.

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