Will Avengers Age of Ultron be better then The Avengers?

Asked by: Crazyjumper
  • A New Cinematic Threat

    Most comic book fanatics have seen this fight time and time again, and it was a dramatic arc even then. Now combine that with the characters the cinematic universe has established and built, this movie is sure to put a VERY BIG dent into the cinematic universe as a whole. What's more threatening than an alien race with little knowledge of our human race? A killer robot who cannot die, coming back stronger and stronger, who was built to protect the human race and therefore knows every efficient way of obliterating it.

  • It will be so much better!!!

    It will be better because if you have read the comics Ultron is a basically unstoppable robot that Henry Pim (Ant-Man) created. Ultron can take over any type of technology, meaning Iron-man's suits, Jarvis, S.H.I.E.L.D, any computerized thing. It will have so much action, and if you have seen the trailor it is non stop action.

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