Will Barack Obama win the final Presidential debate?

  • Harvey Dent A.K.A. Mitt Romney

    I have not been paying much attention to the debates, but one thing I have noticed is that Mitt has two sides. His transition between "Republican advocate" and "Everyone look at me" is not very subtle and reeks a flip-flop attitude. It seems that Barack has represented a steady front, and his consistency is what will win this debate for him.

  • Swing States

    Elections are always said to be "close" in the final weeks before the election. The fact is that Obama has more than half of the swing state votes (in media and private polls) and will more than likely win even if he doesn't win half of the swing states. (Highly unlikely)

  • Barack Obama Takes Final Debate.

    As long as Barack continues to fight back against Romney's fiction, he will come out ahead. He saw what he was up against in the first debate, and changed his strategy accordingly. Biden did a great job of motivating the democrats, and Obama used that energy in the second debate. Romney has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth, so as long as Obama is careful, Romney could ruin it for himself.

  • I can't predict the future, but...

    I can certainly speculate. With the importance of this debate weighing heavily on the minds of both candidates, I can only imagine that both Obama and Romney will come out swinging tonight. However, the focus of tonight's debate will be on foreign policy, and this gives Obama an advantage right out of the gates. Romney has zero experience in this arena, while Obama has had four years as President to feel out U.S. foreign relations.

  • Barack Obama the liar

    No one in the middle class has received a tax cut. No one is doing well in the middle class. The only people who want Obama are those that are lazy and don't work or contribute to this society and who make those that do miserable. If Obama Hussein wins we can be called a third world Muslim country.

  • A good debate cannot be a substitute for failed policy

    Never mind what Obama will say tonight. The results of his failed policy during the past 4 years got us nowhere! The last debate is about foreign policy and that is where Obama screwed up the most. Examples: how slower do the Iranians work today on their Uranium enrichment program than they did 4 years ago? What has his vision speech in Cairo 4 years ago bettered the relationships with Muslim around the world? Weakening the military calls for more conflicts, not less!

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