Will Barack Obama win the second Presidential debate?

  • Barack Obama Already Won Debate

    Going into the second Presidential debate, nobody knew whether Obama would win the debate. However, most Democrats thought he would wind, and Conservatives believed he would lose. Now it's clear that President Obama handily won that debate without much trouble. He's a great debater that knows how to speak well.

  • Barack Obama won the second Presidential debate

    President Barack Obama won the second Presidential debate, due to his speaking skills and smarts. He may have struggled with the first debate, but once he got back on his feet he turned it all around. He is a very skilled and talented man, and this is why he is once again our President, like it or not.

  • Obama Won Playing to His Strength

    President Obama won the second debate playing to his strength on foreign policy. Mitt Romney has no foreign policy as he's never been involved in the federal government. Romney's trip abroad during the London Olympics was a disaster and it showed when the stumbled through the foreign policy debate and then lost the election.

  • Yes, Obama will Win

    Yes, Obama will win the second debate because now he knows what to expect. He was over confident in the first election and thought he had it in the bag but now he that he knows what a tough competitor Mitt Romney can be, he will come well prepared to defend his positions. He needs to take this next one seriously if he wants to get re-elected.

  • Yes

    Barack had a rough start on the first debate so he will definitely "bring it" for tonight's debate to make up for the first round. Barack is very well spoken and when coupled with a positive attitude toward his opponent he will win this debate. If he goes down the path of negativity towards his opponent that is when he will lose footing.

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