Will Barack Obama's legacy be seen as positive (yes) or negative (no)?

  • Most presidents are remembered positively.

    Yes, Barak Obama's legacy will be seen as positive, because most peace time presidents are seen in a positive light, even if they haven't really done much. An example of this would be Jimmy Carter. He more or less just watched his time in office go by and he is remembered as a humanitarian. Obama has hurt us in a number of ways, but he has not done much that is controversial, so history will be kind to him.

  • Yes, Mostly Positive

    I think that Barak Obama will most likely have a legacy that will be seen as mostly positive. His approval rating might not be the best right now, but he has accomplished many things and he will always be known as the first black president. Being the first black president, he has become a hero to the American people and he will always be remembered as that, no matter how bad of a job he does as a president.

  • Obamacare Will Rein Supreme

    I think when we look back at President Obama's term twenty to fifty years down the road, I think the most noted accomplishment will be Obamacare or the Affordable Health Care Act. I think in that amount of time we will be able to iron out all the problems within the health care field and provide far better services to all Americans. Due to this one act, I believe we will look back at the past and wonder why we thought it was okay to let some citizens die and suffer due to a lack of health care. Because he implemented and pushed for this policy, I believe his legacy will be positive.

  • Most devisive presidency ever... Never mind race!

    No bipartisan support for most of his initiatives... I.E Obamacare ... It was certainly NOT "affordable" and you certainly couldn't keep your old plan or old doctor and your premiums certainly did not decreased by $2500! He needed to spend more time in his community (Chicago) as an organizer... Or maybe not, as the city of Chicago is certainly in a mess crime wise!
    Just go home and let the new administration unwind your mess.... Please!!

  • It will be negative!

    Unless someone is crazy enough to do worse then Obama in the future, (not including trump.....) obama's legacy is going to remembered as a joke.... A complete joke..... I don't understand how people praise this nut-case incumbent... He's done nothing truly positive for this country..... I can't imagine him being remember as a excellent president...

  • No, at present his legacy will likely be negative.

    It usually takes decades before we can really look at a President's legacy and decide whether they were good or not. As an example, only recently are people now looking at Reagan as having been a good leader. At the present time, I think most people would probably look at President Obama's legacy in a negative light. He made a lot of promises, and most have not been lived up to, though this is often what happens with Presidents. The main thing that people are upset about is the Affordable Care Act. If it doesn't end up working out, I think it will cast a shadow on his legacy.

  • No, negative I think.

    I think Obama's legacy will be seen as more negative than anything else. He hasn't upheld many of the promises he made while running for president, he has cause more problems than made anything better, and in some situation he has flat out lied about what he is going to do.

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jsebean says2014-01-19T01:25:41.910
This is an issue I will remain neutral on because I personally have mixed feeling about Obama. There are things Obama has done that I feel was the right thing to do and was the right direction, yet on the other hand, there are things he has done that I fundamentally disagree with.

That said, this will be a very mixed poll since people are going to be divided on this issue. Interesting question though ;)