• Murderer and War Criminal

    It is obvious that this disgusting animal has committed the vilest and atrocious acts that the face of the earth has ever seen. He has bombed and tortured millions of men women and innocent children like toddlers and babies who die for no reason because this dirty animal wants to stay in power and Russia is also with him because they also enjoy bombing and murdering innocent people who have done absolutely nothing, Their houses get bombed and destroyed above them and as children, they get stuck and have no way out. He will fall and he will fall in a horrible manner. The only solution to this devious catastrophe with be Bashar Al Assad's death.

  • He is almost lost

    He lost much land to FSA, Opposition supported by Turkey and from FSA. He must give up the position and go to Russia or the people will hunt him. He can't take back what is Syria before. He is not Syria it is for the Syrians. Let the Syrian people choose who is the leader of their home land.

  • Bashar al Assad is Doomed

    The president of Syria, Bashar al Assad, will eventually fall from power whether through the course of regular passing time or by the hands of the rebels. Al Assad has commited heinous crimes against his own people and doesn't deserve to rule over the country of Syria. At some point or another, he will lose his power.

  • Bashar Al Assad is the greatest hero most brave hero of the 3rd Millennium Bashar assad is the most popular leader in the Middle East

    Bashar Al Assad ,He is saving and arabs from a holocaust and is previnting arabs from being mordered in a holocaust by saudi arabia which is Saudiwahhabia imperialists and zionists ISISRAEL evil jews Benjamin Netanyahu imperialists who are occupying the land of the state of Palestine and Turkey Recep Erdogan imperialists and Qatar imperialists And Britain England imperialists and Frence imperialists and Canadia imperialists and Australia imperialists and New Zealand imperialists and jordan hashemites imperialists and morocco alaouites imperialists who are occupying the stete of Western Sahara and post muammar Gaddafi occupied Libya puppet state imperialists controlled by the evil imperialist dictatorships Dictators Regimes menthioned on this message That are all controlled by Rothschild jews family and by Jews and zionist jews in occupied Palestine and in the places in the world wherever they are hiding and conspiring to do damage harm destruction murder more people who don't obey or agree to do their unfair unjustified inhumane barbaric illegal irrational without logic beast like evil assignments actions and the Saud family are not originally muslims ,but the saud family are originally jews

  • No, I do not believe that Bashar al Assad will fall.

    In my opinion the regime of Bashar al Assad will not fall and there will be a diplomatic solution to the problems in Syria. The Russian element in the equation and the deliverance of the WMD's in the country will play a pivotal role in the outcome of the conflict. That is my hope.

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