• Bashar al-Assad Bad for Middle East

    Like other despotic leaders who faced termination during the Arab Spring, Bashar al-Assad's time is coming. Despite his fanatical grip on power in Syria, it is just a matter of time before al-Assad is removed from power. He doesn't have enough troops or military hardware to kill all of his enemies within Syria. Now that Russia needs to focus on The Ukraine, al-Assad's list of allies is growing thin.

  • Yes he will be

    I do think that Bashir al Assad be removed from power eventually. It's only a matter of time. How it will happen, I can't foretell. Perhaps western forces will invade in a coalition and overthrow him. Perhaps the rebels will be armed by western nations as they were in the seige of Libya.

  • More Than Likely

    I believe Bashir al Assad will be removed from power. The longer he tries to uphold his malfunctioning government the more likely it is that he will be removed. I think if he continues to ineffective this is the only solution to the problem. I do not believe he has the power to stop the fighting.

  • He's there to stay.

    Unfortunately, I don't think that Syria's Bashir al Assad will be removed from power. It appears the time when the world was more just and evil people like him were deposed has passed. He will continue his cruelty and his war, enabled by the people surrounding him. Syrians will be worse off for it, and he won't care.

  • No, I don't think Assad will be removed from power.

    I think for awhile it looked very likely that Bashir Assad was going to lose his grip on power if the United States decided to intervene but since the United States never did intervene Assad was able to re grasp control of his country and remain in power, I don't believe he is going to be removed or lose his grip on power in the near future.

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