• Day vs Night: Who is not going to watch that??.

    I think the movie has already created a lot of buzz with its trailers and the introduction of wonder woman further spice it up. The hype is not only about the match between the two most famous superheroes but also about who will win, which is yet to be awaited and will be one of the many reasons for movie to live up to its expectations. Further the cast including Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, will undoubtedly live up to the expectations of the fans. Besides the world's greatest match their is lex luther and doomsday to match these two superheroes thus stretching the story further and it will surely live up to the expectations.

    Posted by: aT78
  • It's Batman v Superman

    The movie was supposed to be Batman v Superman. That could have gotten dull so Lex Luthor is in to spice up things. This much I agree with. But why add Wonder Woman and Doomsday? Due to the hype non comic fans too will be going to watch the film and will not know who these people are.

    Now another thing. Who would win the fight? Batman has never lost a fight with Superman in the comics (which I am aware of) and if Superman wins the Batman fan boys riot. If Batman wins the Superman fanboys riot.

    Which brings me to the part about Doomsday and Wonder Woman. They are going to most likely interrupt the fight and due to the trailers everyone who watched it won't get the same affect.
    In my opinion they should not have released this many trailers.
    Also where does Wonder Woman come from? How is this going to fit in? I also read from somewhere that maybe Aquaman would be in this movie.
    So it most likely will not live up the hype but I really hope it does as I don't want to see DC's first movie crossover fail.

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