Will Batman v Superman live up to the hype it created?

Asked by: BatmanRektsNubs
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  • I believe it will not.

    To be honest, it is pretty hard to predict the quality of a movie based on trailers, but from what I've seen, it lucks like a lifeless, uninteresting cash grab. Considering that a lot of people hyped up thing like the recent Dragon Ball Z movies, and those films sucked, then considering the enormous amount of hype for this one, it probably won't live up to its potential. I mean, just watch the trailers. The premise is.... Two superheroes fighting each other. It doesn’t seem like an interesting plot, but rather, it seems like a dumb way to get two popular figures to clash against each other. It will probably be a high grossing movie, but I can't see it passing the audience's standards.

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