Will becoming a grandma for the second time derail Hilary Clinton's campaign at all?

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  • No not at all.

    The only thing that can effectively derail her campaign is if liberal voters decide to open their eyes to her lies, deceit, and criminal behavior. Her latest and boldest lie, that of ISIS using Trump in recruiting videos is not only completely false... But ironically, upon investigation, it was found that it's actually her husband is appearing in ISIS recruiting videos.

    Here is another fun video revealing the true nature of Hilary Clinton, for anyone who truly wishes to know the truth.

  • No, Hilary Clinton will be abe to handle her campaign and being a grandmother

    No, becoming a grandmother for the second time will not affect Hilary Clinton's career. Just like me can handle politics and being a grandfather, Hilary Clinton can handle being a candidate for president and being a grandmother simultaneously. Clinton's campaign should stay on track even though she will have two grandchildren.

  • Hillary is winning...

    Becoming a grandmother for the second time will not only NOT derail Hillary's campaign at all, it will endear her to the hearts of many other women especially grandmothers. It will make her seem a little more human and relatable even to those who have despised her for years. Hillary is a very polarizing figure and this will help to diminish that on all levels. It will also serve to make men who attack her womanhood seem like, not only bullies but insensitive jerks. Bring it on Donald Trump your days may well be numbered due to the coming of this little baby. How ironic is that.

  • Hillary wins it all

    Becoming a grandma for the second time definitely won't affect Hilary Clinton to become the president of the United States of America. Instead, this is becoming her strength that she will work even harder for the next generation and so to the whole United States of America. Americans are all her people once she becomes the president and she will work hard for us as all Americans are in one family. We are united as one.

  • It will not affect her campaign.

    I think it's silly to say becoming a grandmother again will affect Hillary Clinton's campaign. I am sure she is excited to have another grandchild, but that has nothing to do with her running a successful campaign. Her policies and travel schedule will remain the same, and the only thing that will change is she will have another grandchild to love soon.

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