Will being the most politically incorrect party win the presidential election of 2016?

  • I think it will

    The US voter is increasingly angry with government. I think we are seeing this play out in front of our eyes. The public is tired of lieing politicians and politically correct issues. Being overly politically correct is partly why this country is struggling. I think the voters are going to show they are tired of it.

  • Being the most politically incorrect party will not win the presidential election of 2016

    With all the media attention it seems that the candidate who says the most outrageous thing is the most popular. And although that may be true in the primaries, and specifically with the Republican party, in the general election that will change. People will not go for bombastic rhetoric, but for reason and sound judgement.

  • No, while a refreshing change the election will come down to real issues.

    No. Straying away from being politically correct has been a breath of fresh air in party debates, has brought forth some issues that no one wanted to talk about before, and has captured the attention of many Americans causing them to tune into debates and do a little research on their own. But in the end, their true stance on issues and leadership will prevail. At least it's drawing out "luke warm" voters to educate themselves and it's creating a "buzz" around an event that is so important to our country.

  • It's all fun now

    As we get closer and closer to the election people will stop having so much fun with the garbage coming out of some candidates' mouths and start taking this seriously. It is not presidential to put people down, choose who you like and who you don't and blab about them - we need a world leader and the people will ultimately choose correctly.

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