• He seems more like the comic book Batman

    Ben Affleck's Batman is based on Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns version so I'm expecting this to be great. His Dark Knight seems to much more brutal as we've seen him branding criminals in the trailers. Another plus is the Bat voice improvement. As great as the Dark Knight Trilogy was it was lacking good action scenes and Batman's voice was just ridiculous in some scenes.

  • Ben Affleck mezmerises as rougher batman

    With a tougher look and darker attitude, Ben Affleck is definitely the right guy to beat up superman. He even looks bigger than Christian Bale which only makes him look quite capable of giving superman a run for his money. I would say let's give him a chance and see how he does.

  • Ben Affleck will do the Batman role proud.

    In my opinion, the role of Batman is a good fit for Ben Affleck. Over and above that though, Mr. Affleck is a talented and seasoned actor who would most likely excel in any part he chose to take on. Nevertheless crime fighting feels like something we are all going to want to flock to see Ben do.

  • Ben Affleck will be a good Batman.

    Yes, Ben Affleck will be a good Batman. He is a very versatile actor. Some people argue that he has too much of a wholesome guy persona, but this side of Affleck will only aid in his portrayal of the super hero. It will allow him to show a more multi-dimensional Batman.

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  • Ben Affleck will not excel at this one

    Ben Affleck will not make a good Batman because his Hollywood star has faded. He's no longer a big box office draw and his recent divorce has turned off many, which will show up in the decreased numbers on opening day. He's no longer perceived as the "sexiest man alive", which is usually a big draw for the female population into the movie house. He just seems old and tired now with his gambling habit and alleged nanny affair.

  • His chin though

    His chin cannot allow him to be the dark knight. The only thing dark about him is the crevice in his chin that gets no sunlight.

    Okay, in all seriousness, Affleck will never become a better Batman than Bale. Bale will always be the Dark Knight. Affleck will be the slightly blueish hue knight.

  • No he sucks

    The trailers to me don't do him any justice. I don't like him at all. Christian Bale was the best Batman and Affleck even attempting to top that, is insulting. I take that back. He may do a decent job. But not a great job. But only time will tell. I could be wrong...

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