Will Ben Carson Stun The Political World With A 2016?

Asked by: derrickbaersr14
  • I sure hope so.

    Dr. Ben Carson is far and away my favorite candidate right now. While many complain that he isn't suitable to be president because he has no experience in politics, in my opinion that is a good thing. Many of our greatest presidents did not have any political experience - you don't need it to lead with common sense, and Dr. Ben Carson has a lot of great common sense IDEAS (not blame) for our country.

  • With America Clamoring for Ben Carson to run for President? Will he answer the call from his fellow American's and shock the political world?

    Yes. He stands for all the right things. His morals and unquestionable. He is for the people of this country and the constitution. He would rule by common sense and restore order to America in the kind of ways that will echo back the Reagan presidency. He would restore America's standing in the world as the greatest and most powerful country on earth and the most respected.

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