• Is Nevada Still Hillary's Firewall?

    Nevada, once thought of as Hillary’s “firewall”, Sanders has been gaining much ground over Clinton, with a lot of that credit going to his well organized and passionate supporters. And with Hillary’s projected lead being a mere 4%, it’s not looking like her chances of taking the state will be a sure thing.Nevada has let Hillary Clinton down in the past. It was during her run against Obama eight years ago where she was favored to win the state. Yet it was Obama who took home a majority of the delegates in the Silver State. With Bernie Sanders surprising lead over Hillary Clinton, will Nevada prove to be yet another unsuspected upset for Clinton? Odds are history may repeat it’s self.

  • Yes He Can

    He will and it won't even be close. You just watch Bernie Sanders is about to take a commanding lead in the race for the Democratic nomination. He will show the world that the nation is ready for change and Hillary isn't the right candidate for the job. Way to go Bernie!

  • No, Sanders will not beat Clinton in Nevada.

    Despite the closing gap in poll numbers between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in Nevada, Sanders will not win the caucus there. Clinton should still be able to come out ahead in Nevada, although a victory by narrow margin might be interpreted as a loss for Clinton, which will add coal to the engine of Sanders' campaign.

  • It's going to be a close one though

    I think Bernie is catching up to Hillary and gaining a lot of momentum as more caucus and primary dates draw near, but I think there are just certain states where he will never be able to beat her. Nevada is one of those states. I think we will see something similar to Iowa, with Hillary pulling out a win by a very narrow margin.

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