Will Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton during the US Presidential Election?

  • He has Earned it.

    Bernie is the one who actually cares about everyone. Even if you don't believe in Democratic Socialism, you have to admit that he is the one who deeply cares about everyone, and not just the handful of billionaires that pay for government bias. He deserves to win. Simple as that.

  • He has more support then Hillary Clinton

    Bernie is honest, according to fact checkers.
    Hillary is not honest according to fact checkers.
    Bernie is willing to work with people on all sides the democrats, republicans, and independents. Like when he worked with McCain on a bill that helped veterans.
    Hillary is willing to work with anyone as long as they go along with her.
    Bernie has plans to try and end the legalized corruption in the US
    Hillary calls it a necessary evil, and then cashes in (literally)
    These are just a few, and I mean just a few of the ways that Bernie is better than Clinton,
    And that's why according to the majority of non bias corporation made polls, Sanders has an enormous lead over Hillary.

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders is going to be the Democratic nominee

    Bernie Sanders has more experience than Hillary Clinton, with over 50 years in politics and all of them on the side of marginalized people. Bernie has been a consistent proponent of civil rights, gay rights, poor rights and more. He is a liberal in every sense, whereas Hillary Clinton is by most standards fairly right-leaning. She has come down on the wrong side of many things, including the war on drugs, gay rights and the Iraq war. She is funded heavily by corporate interests. People in general do not trust her. Bernie Sanders is the natural winner.

  • His chances are looking good

    Sanders's greatest obstacle on his path to the presidency is Clinton herself. If he can win the Democratic nomination, he faces a far greater chances of defeating the Republican nominee than Clinton does. It will be hard to unseat her as the establishment candidate, but Sanders has been on such an upswing that it's difficult to think he won't win out in the end.

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders will beat Hillary Clinton during the US Presidential Election

    Bernie Sanders is a less divisive political figure than Hillary Clinton, and has more potential to win the votes of a wider segment of the population. His record of supporting the African American community, the poor and immigrants supersedes Hillary Clinton's record. Clinton, a Washington insider, counts major investment banks and corporations among her supporters; in contrast, Sanders rejects corporate sponsorship and seeks economic justice in America. He addresses the problems of economic inequality, racism and the collapse of the American middle class more directly than Clinton, which increases his appeal to American voters.

  • Bernie Sanders will not beat Hillary Clinton during the US Presidential Election

    Bernie Sanders cannot, and will not, win the election for U.S. President. As we near the election and candidates drop out, the long list of Sanders' socialists desires must come front and center. The devil is in the details, and while Sanders appeals to an extreme populist base, at some point he has to articulate how he plans to pay for all the freebies that he is proposing. And the electorate is not going to buy into it.

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