Will Bernie Sanders get assassinated when elected? Hillary Clinton is the chosen prophecy by the corrupt government

Asked by: Kakashecchi
  • Yeah, why not?

    Hillary has gotten away with all of her other crimes so far.

    And now I need words to fill up the word minimum. Teeth, dermatologist, bookshelf, pepper, falling, flying, falcons, Millennium Falcon, Star Wars, Han dies in episode 7, spoilers, pen, potato, windowpane, bookshelf again, printer, bookshelf, carpet, bookshelf, truck.

  • The government supports Hillary Clinton

    The American government + The illuminati supports Hillary Clinton, and if Bernie Sanders somehow gets elected, he will be assassinated because she is the chosen prophecy by the corrupt government and the illuminati. When Hillary Clinton is elected, she will make America even more corrupt than it is currently, thus leading to the conclusion that Bernie Sanders will be assassinated.

  • Your not serious.

    What kind of witless fool would think that any of that makes sense. Sure, maybe some trailer park trash or some brain damaged druggy might fall for it but besides morons, nobody would believe any of that. That is why I think your just being a troll and can't be serious.

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