• Bernied Will be the One America Needs

    Bernie Sanders has made quite the name for himself as a Democratic Delegate for the nomination. While starting out as the underdog, Bernie Sanders has come from the bottom to be the second one, behind Hillary Clinton. Recently, Bernie beat Hillary in the Michigan primary which may give him the momentum he needs to get nominated as the democratic delegate and eventually, and hopefully win the presidential election.

  • No, Hillary will probably get the nomination.

    Sadly, I think Clinton will get the nomination. She's been around Washington long enough to know how the game is played, She's got a line of dead bodies behind her and a slew of illegal activity in her repertoire. She's got a history of making decisions that hurt Americans (or get them killed), so to my mind, she's the perfect Democratic choice, After 7 years of Obama, she's the perfect choice to drive the final nail in America's coffin.

  • No, I do not think Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic primaries.

    No, I do not think Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic primaries because Hillary Clinton has won more states and has more delegates and seems poised to win the Democratic presidential election. Although Bernie Sanders is starting to gain some momentum and win big states, I believe that it is too late for Sanders to catch up and defeat Hillary Clinton.

  • Bernie Can't Win

    Bernie Sanders is not going to win the Democratic primaries. The Democratic Party practice of using superdelegates (Clinton already has most of these locked up) will keep him from the nomination even if he were to win a large delegate count from states. It is also unlikely he will win a majority of state contests, either. His policies are just too far to the left for the majority of Americans.

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