• Hillary Clinton can't win the Iowa vote

    I am absolutely sure that Bernie Sanders will win the Iowa vote over Hillary Clinton. Sanders' campaign is much more organized and well established that there is no way that Clinton can win, she will have to concede the place to Sanders. I'm sure it is in the best interest of the democratic party.

  • Bernie will take Iowa over Hillary

    It is my belief that Bernie Sanders will take Iowa over Hillary Clinton. The Millennial generation has expressed a belief that the person is more important than the bottom line, and he is able to comprehend this and create valid and conceivable plans that appeal to this large voting class. The people of Iowa, if given a choice between capitalism and socialism, will overwhelmingly identify under the socialism group, which will help elevate Sanders above Clinton. Sanders represents something that is truly fresh and revolutionary to politics, and is finally a candidate that is done with the typical placating and the usual indirect answering of questions. He addresses real problems with real answers and actually wants to work for the smaller class. Sanders represents a new era in politics that ushers in a world free of perceived capitalist tyranny.

    Clinton is also running with an incredibly disorganized and embattled campaign. She is working against the Benghazi email scandal, a campaign that appears to lack true passion and drive, a loss of identity and the Hillary she was four years ago as well as claims against the government in terms of campaign espionage. While the Clinton campaign may be working perfectly under the surface, she gives the air of being unprepared, and voters are over candidates that don't seem ready for anything that could be thrown their way. In a digital age where securing information is so easy, it's considered common knowledge, the public is going to be less trusting of someone that can't get with the times. How can someone who can't manage simple technological security be trusted to run the country effectively? This is one of the questions that will run through voters' minds at the polls.

  • Sanders and Milenials

    While Hillary Clinton may have the support of the media and a large number of middle-aged to older adults, a lot of the people who fall into that category are inclined to be more conservative. Meanwhile, Millenials are much more inclined to liberal viewpoints, and have labled Hillary Clinton a "white feminist" and find her much less appealing the Sanders.

  • Bernie Sanders will win the Iowa vote over Hillary Clinton

    Bernie Sanders will win the Iowa vote over Hillary Clinton because his populist and socialistic agenda appeals to a broader range of people than Clinton. Think about it, if someone is offering you free handouts, who would you vote for? It is human nature. Clinton has a lot of legal issues following her that will eventually take her down.

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