Will Betsy DeVos's lack of education experience prevent her from being confirmed?

  • It's part of her problem

    If any of Trump's picks are to be denied, I think it will be DeVos. She has no experience in education, neither as an employee nor as a student. She openly admits that she doesn't care for public education, and couldn't even answer some of the most basic questions given to her about education. She's a bad idea, and is posed to make a huge mess for our children if appointed.

  • No, this will not prevent her confromation.

    Betsy DeVos' lack of education experience will not likely prevent her conformation. The Education department is a bureaucratic organization that needs reformed. DeVos will be able to bring the reforms needed to improve our education system. She does not need previous experience as a teacher nor educator. She just needs to be able to reform the department.

  • No, Republicans don't care.

    Republicans control Congress, and they don't care about lack of experience or being unqualified for the job. They only care about their own party's success. They refused to work with Obama because he is a Democrat, so now they will do everything they can to promote the Republican Party's interests. If their party nominated someone for a position, they feel that they need to confirm her.

  • No, Betsy DeVos's lack of education experience will not keep her from being confirmed.

    Unfortunately, it does not seem that experience is needed to hold some of the top positions in the government and Betsy DeVos's lack of experience in the educational sector is unlikely to prevent her confirmation. It seems that a number of people up for secretarial positions in the next administration will not bring years of crucial experience to the table.

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