• Biden will help Bernie beat Clinton in the Democratic Primaries

    Joe Biden's recent support of Bernie Sanders is telling simply because Biden, the quintessential Washinton DC insider, has seen enough of Hillary Clinton to make a hard and fast judgment. For Biden to pick someone who is an avowed socialist speaks volumes of what he believes the prospects are for the country as a whole to have another Clinton as President.

  • I think Biden supports Bernie

    From a few comments I have heard, it sounds like Biden is in support of Bernie over Clinton. This actually means quite a bit, as Biden was ahead in many polls without even declaring his candidacy. He has a lot of supporters, and if he ends up endorsing Bernie, I think that will go a long way for Bernie.

  • Yes, I do believe that Joe Biden will help Bernie Sanders defeat Hillary Clinton.

    Yes, I believe that the sentiments recently expressed by the Vice President serve a great advantage to Bernie Sanders' campaign. Biden has said that he believes Sanders to be much more genuine and authentic in his views than that of Clinton. Pairing these statements with Democratic voters' affinity for Biden only helps Bernie Sanders in his battle for the Democratic nomination.

  • Esablishment Biden will Support Establishment Clinton

    Joe Biden is a long standing establishment Democrat. He will play the game, just like he is supposed to. Because Bernie Sanders is an outsider, Biden will support Hillary Clinton. This is precisely the reason that Joe Biden did not run for president. He was forced to stay on the sidelines because of Hillary Clinton.

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