• ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will not change due to the recent death of actress, Carol Susi, because she was not a visual character on the show.

    The recentThe recent death of actress, Carol Susi, of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ fame will not change the dynamic of the show. Ms. Susi’s character, Mrs. Wolowitz, was an integral part of the show; however, only as a voice and not visually. There are several ways that producers may handle the change, including finding someone with a similar voice to play the part or having the character die on the show. The death of an actor can mean the end of a series or be a tremendous change for viewers and producers; however, in this case Ms. Susi’s role was not strong enough change the show.

  • Yes, the loss will not have a huge impact.

    Carol Susi's character was, in the grand scheme of this sitcom, a minor character in the "Big Bang Theory" that only had a handful of lines per episode, and very few episodes dedicated to the character. The character could go back to its non onscreen presence and have someone continue the lines when necessary, and the program can go on.

  • Yes, 'Big Bang Theory' will live on without Carol Susi

    Yes, I believe that 'Big Bang Theory' will be the same without Carol Susi. Carol Susi's character was not critical to the show and most viewers remain loyal to the show because of main characters such as Penny and Sheldon. While Carol Susi was an asset to the show, the loss of her character will not be a substantial loss to the show.

  • Yes, the Big Bang Theory will be the same without Carol Susi

    Yes, the Big Bang Theory will be the same without Carol Susi. Depending on how they handle the situation, they could easily replace or use recorded voice and noone would know the difference. Carol was never seen on the show, so this should be an easy situation to handle any way they decide to approach it.

  • No it won't

    Though offscreen, carol was still a large part of the show. She helped expand Howard's character and prove as motivation for his moving out. Mrs wolowitz's relationships with the other characters proved hillarious and her character arch with Stuart will diminish the show purely due to its incomplete nature .

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