• It really depends.

    Our type of "big government"? NO. But a century ago, many people lived in poverty, and the poverty rate dropped when the Government instituted regulations and social programs.

    Look at other developed countries. They all have low poverty rates. We could take a lesson from them.

    And if we want an active Government to work, we need a well-informed people. If we have an ignorant people, "active" turns into "oppressive".

  • Government is the cause

    The solution is business. The government has supported big business and made oligarchy's that snuff out all competition. It is harder to start a business today than it is to graduate college. With fewer businesses to hire, poverty becomes rampant. Other government programs of course exacerbate the problem by grouping the poverty stricken together, and by giving them incentives to not work.

  • No, It Will Not

    The war on poverty has achieved the exact same result as all other wars on abstract concepts: failure. Almost 50 years after the war on poverty began, we are not closer to winning this fight than we were in the 1960s. The answer to poverty is not to increase the size of government.

  • Absolutely not

    Bigger government isn't the answer. The proof of this lies in the last four years. When Barack Obama took office in 2008, the poverty rate was at 13.2%, and right now it is at 15%. It's gone up 1.8% despite the fact that with Barack Obama in office, government spending and size has gone up tremendously. America needs much less government at this point.

  • NO

    The bigger the government is, the more money they have to tax people. The bigger the government is, the more rules and regulations that you have to follow and the more red tape there is that exists.

    It's the red tape that's choking the American spirit of enterprise right now. There's so many rules and regulations in the U.S. that it's just not worth it to be a small business owner, long the backbone of the American economy, these days.

    The poor don't need a handout, they need a leg up. Unfortunately, our social safety net system, as it stands, is designed to punish those that try to work their way out of poverty. Big government will only make this even worse.

  • No Bigger Government Will Not Reduce Poverty

    I'm not even sure where this notion would come from. A larger government might actually hurt those who are impoverished because of jumping through more hoops to get the help they need. Anytime a bureaucracy is introduced it makes getting things done more complicated. Larger government also means that more money is taken from other programs to support the spending needs.

    Posted by: pdrm

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