Will Bitcoin continue to be used even after another breach by hackers?

  • Bitcoin's Continued Use

    Given the nature of Bitcoin and the community of miners, I find it unlikely that something like hackers and script kiddies would deter people from using Bitcoin. It seems to be a relatively pervasive system of currency that I imagine will continue to be used well into the future despite any hacking attempts.

  • Bitcoin Will Grow Better Security and Continue On

    Bitcoin currently is adding new security measures to ensure the safety of the currency. Bitcoin, as a result, will continue to grow as a new form of currency and for transactions. With the growing demand for the currency for transactions as diverse as real estate purchases to paying for online services, it will continue to grow as a relevant and modern currency.

  • No it will slow

    I used to use bitcoin, and the investment really was not all that great. I actually lost money, and I was really disappointed and pulled my money out before i lost even more. If they keep getting breached and are still doing bad then I think that less and less people will be using it.

  • Virtual Currencies at Risk

    Bitcoin has recently been a victim of a criminal hack attack. Many people lost vast amounts of currency. Many more lost smaller sums. The total value lost can only be estimated. Exact amounts are unknown. This vulnerability combined with the current general mistrust of alternative currencies place Bitcoin on very unsteady ground. Another publicized attack will likely push public perception past the tipping point towards irrevocable mistrust. Without trust, no currency can survive.

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