• Yes This one looks more better then the other ones

    For starters it has New guns cam's new story and more even improves zombies and multilayer now you can even wall run and shoot others well wall running and its so much fun and its in a new year which means EXO suits are back i loved it in advanced warfare and its gonna be even better in BO3 and you swim and shoot well underwater as well.

  • Im an excited gamer

    This game looks completely different from the other 12 or however many otherones there are. Instead of fighting humans, you fight robots and you can shoot guns underwater and stuff. Theres also one part of the game where you ride a robot horse into battle and you fight the enemy with a gun that shoots arms that punch them. Looks good 10/11

  • Yes. I believe Black Ops 3 will be different from the other games in the series

    Black Ops 3 will be different from the other games in the series because it will contain new characters as well as different scenarios for the characters to go through. It will also use different and new weapons as well as different tactics to complete the missions. Also the music will be different.

  • Just Different Skins, Maps, Weapons, Killstreak.

    Oh come on, all call of duty games all the same, they same engine, gametype, animation and much more. They just different Guns, Outfit, Maps, Killstreak, story line. You guys seriously need to see of course that all call of duty games are the same. If you don't see all call of duty games are the same, it means, u guys stupid.(for the cod fan)

  • Well, it's CoD

    Fundamentally, it'll be similar to the previous games but all CoD titles have had differences that set them apart from one another so it's both a yes and no.CoD has always had the same attitude, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.It's a winning formula and no matter how different or similar it is, I'm excited.

  • Black Ops 3 Will Be The Same

    I think that the game will probably be the same as the others in the series. I think that it will have similiar missions and will also offer the Nazi Zombie board, like the rest of the games. I do think that the scenery will change from the other games.

  • Black Ops 3 will not be any different from the other games in the series

    Black Ops 3 will not end up being any different from other Call of Duty games. The series creators have found a formula that works, and they stick to it. Remember that the goal is mainly to make money, not make a new exciting game. The games will become new and exciting when people stop buying them.

  • Maybe Story Line

    They have a good thing currently going with the game is set up, much like madden. There is not real reason to change anything other than updating a few weapons and maybe some cammo options and such. Otherwise make up a new story line for offline play but stick with what has been working so well.

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