Will black people riot WHEN Zimmerman walks?

Asked by: JustCheNo
  • Blacks have a history of rioting.

    Rodney King was arrested for assaulting a cop. Blacks literally had a full on riot. They don't realize this but many of them think that they're entitled to something because their ancestors were slaves. That's a bankrupt ideology and should discredit any argument in favor of it. So yes, there will be a riot.

  • "no justice no peace!"

    Ever heard that one before? Of course you have. That's the same old tired mantra black people chant when they start burning cars after a verdict doesn't go their way. Destroying businesses, randomly pulling white people out of their cars and assaulting them, massive looting etc. Etc..

    I've been through two of these riots in Los Angeles so I know what I'm talking about. In fact in the last riot the only buildings that were spared were the ones that had "Black Owned Business" taped to their windows.

    It doesn't even have to be a jury verdict. They'll burn cars when the Lakers win (or lose). Do you expect the same reaction WHEN Zimmerman is exonerated and set free?

  • Black people are not Animals... This is true... But they are MAD AS HELL

    Listen... I'm black... I'm mad... If he gets off... I'm getting a new bed, a new TV, and host of other new stuff... And i'm gonna sell a lot of it on eBay and make a lot of money and take my black ass to Europe while blasting Nina Simone "Mississippi GodDamn"

  • It's The Culture

    There are cultures in this country which will strike out violently when they do not get what they want. Right now there is a cultural group that wants to see George Zimmerman convicted. When that cultural group hears George Zimmerman has been found not guilty they will take to the streets and express their anger by striking out at anyone and anything. Cars will be burnt, storefronts will be looted, innocent bystanders will be battered. It's a cultural thing.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Blacks will riot. Thanks to the mean spirited, hate filled, religious mind corpse Al Sharpton spewing his rhetoric whenever he can get in front of a camera. How Al Sharpton ever got the title "Reverend" is beyond me. I don't believe he could nor has ever read any long book in his life. A poor young man was killed in a tragic incident and "Sharpie" helped, while hiding behind his hate filled book called the bible, ensure that this was race based. The very book "Sharpie" claims to know is filled with slaughter, gods blessing on slavery, genocide and stupidity like "how to deal with "witches". This superstitious nonsense is how "Sharpie" built a career and I believe it was dangerous to fan the flames or imply that this was something else before all the facts were presented. So, when the verdict day comes, I guarantee if George isn't found guilty that the blacks will think that the "cracker" did it again, thanks in part to Al Sharpton. I do also believe that Rachel Jeantel came across as the unintelligent product of our great public school system. She is an extreme dimwit, not because she can't write or read cursive as most 4th graders can but because she didn't think "cracker" was racist. I will most definitely have my firearm locked and loaded in preparation on verdict day. I truly hope blacks don't riot, but they will.

  • Because that's what they do when they don't get their way.

    Sadly, the black community can't move past their dependent nature. Kind of like animals and small children, the more rucus you cause, the more you are going to get attention. After awhile, it's just easier to give in to the screaming child and buy them what they want just so they will shut up! It's the same thing. People are so tired of trying to explain to black people the difference between right and wrong that they just allow them to do as they please. THAT is why this country has gotten out of control.

  • They always do

    It will happen. The media hyped it up because they thought this was a white man. Still today some blacks still think he's white. They riot all the time especially when it's national news. I don't know how so many show up at one time. Don't blacks have jobs? It blows my mind seeing that many blacks on the street rioting and not at work making a living. Just goes to show you were my tax money goes to.

  • Reverse racism and ignorance.

    Sadly we're at a point in time where people should understand that violent protest does nothing but further racial stereotypes, yet they simply don't. If one wants to scream "racism", but then in a tweet say things like "If Zimmermen walks, I'm gonna shoot the first white person I see", you've just become exactly the person most racists see you as. Why would anyone do that? There are many white people that have no racial bias, or any inclination towards violence and yet people are willing to harm an innocent over someone they do not know, for racial reasons? We haven't evolved as a species and it sickens me. I'm not racist by any stretch of the imagination, but I have no tolerance for the ignorant. All this will do is further fuel a reason to actually be, in fact, racist. It's a goddamn shame.

  • CA may be worst

    If black people riot in LA they may find themselves outnumbered by the Mexican Mafia, There is an awful lot of hispanics both legal and undocumented. So..... They should probly think twice, I know I'm gonna stay home until everybody's done with all the violence, but I think anyone who uses Twitter to threaten riots should be charged with inciting a riot and prosecuted with at least 6 months in jail MINIMUM.

  • Certain people love to kill others and spread chaos for the actions of others.

    The 1992 Los Angeles riots, also known as the Rodney King Riots, the South Central Riots, the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Disturbance, and the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Unrest, were a race riot and the subsequent lootings, arsons and civil disturbance that occurred in Los Angeles, California in 1992 following the acquittal of police officers on trial regarding a videotaped, and widely covered police brutality incident. They were the largest riots seen in the United States since the 1960s and the worst in terms of death toll after the New York City draft riots in 1863.

  • Come on America

    First of all, it is a little obnoxious to like your own post JustCheNo.

    Second, it is incredibly racist to say that AFRICAN AMERICANS will riot. You are making African Americans out to be some petulant children when in fact they are not. Many Americans, regardless of race, riot and protest when things don't go their way.

    Thirdly, it is even more racist to say blanket statement about an entire race. Not every single African American will riot, just like not every white person will say bigoted things.

    Fourthly, people get worked up at unimportant things. In many states, white people have burned just as much cars over sporting events. African Americans will have every right to peacefully protest if the trial does not convict Zimmerman because, quit honestly, he killed over nothing but racial profiling.

  • Black People are not WILD ANIMALS!

    Of course there will be some Blacks who may become frustrated with the outcome, but, for the the average Black who knows what the major consequences are for participating in such that would jeopardize our already fragile sate of being in the Wild West better known as AMERIKKKA. We realize the judicial system of justice is NOT in our favor at all and because of that WE know that this time around we must fashion out a way to get our point across without Violence. It is in our DNA to approach any given situation with grace and dignity which is the way of our ancestors. We know that the cause of our danger is from a group of people, who in all actuality are weak by nature and whose souls are entrenched with a devilish nature. Black people will fight this time for our victory through commonsense and unity.....This time around!! We have learned the ways of the Devil and he will not win...This time around!

  • Only for good reason.

    PEOPLE will riot when the American justice system fails to do its job; that is, enforce JUSTICE. The Rodney King riots were brought about by precisely this. The police officers who used excessive force were clearly at fault, yet they were unjustly acquitted. Blacks, who are obviously going to be more emotionally affected by a racially motivated action against a black person, took matters into their own hands, as anyone should when the system is not acting in the best interests of the law, which it is sworn to uphold, and the common man, whom it is sworn to protect. The same is true for the Zimmerman trial. Zimmerman's supposed "self defense" killing has key signs of a RACIALLY MOTIVATED murder. For example, why did Zimmerman relentlessly follow Trayvon that day? Maybe because of his skin color, or because he was dressed in what many closed minded people consider to be "ghetto" attire? This action by Zimmerman is extremely questionable and suggests that the ensuing confrontation was likely initiated by him, for similar reasons. Even if the opposite is true, and Trayvon assaulted Zimmerman, it was obviously not a case where deadly force was necessary, and the circumstances are EXTREMELY suspicious. Zimmerman was not within the moral code of society to murder a boy, and if the jury's ruling does not reflect this, I, like other proactive citizens, would consider this a breach of trust. When something like this occurs, perhaps some rioting is in order....

  • Truth Revealed and Accepted

    I'm saying no in hope they will accept the truth... Blacks have to realize that pulling the race card is damaging to us and us only. We should have not called this case racial without the facts. I really want to believe that the black leaders will realize that they stuck their own foot in their mouths. We can't be so quick to yell race when one of our own is gunned down by another race yet we hide the murders in black neighborhoods... Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!

  • False premise saying that Zimmerman will walk it's only a matter of WHEN

    I've heard a lot of the 9/11 calls that were triangulated in the area, and nothing about it sounds as if Zimmerman had any reason to engage in that situation. You hear screams of help, and the way the callers described the situation didn't sound like Zimmerman was in trouble. So the thought of him getting away with that kind of mounted evidence against him, doesn't seem likely.

    If we are hypothetically speaking of WHEN for arguments sake, then I don't know how you quantify "Blacks will riot" do you mean all blacks? Half of the blacks? 10 percent of blacks in the area? Does 20 blacks count enough for this to be true? What about 5? Hell I'm white and I would want to riot if George Zimmerman gets free without one hell of a good defense to convince me that he wasn't just some paranoid racist.

    So I disagree with the statement because I don't feel that it is quantified or qualified in ways that allow for a reasonable debate. The pretext of WHEN really bugs me as it incites people to get riled up as you can see from all the "YES" votes.

  • "Lets Be Realistic" This forum has already picked a side either way "WHEN"

    Who do they consider black people rioting. I am black, but I'm not going to riot. The trial is not equal anyway a jury of his peers? The defense have brought in so much money people donating as well as NRA contributing. Though there is still a child dead because of a fight, that begin because he was being followed.
    I have followed this case and the stuff I see and hear is so bananas. To be honest its really not about race. In the beginning he did profile him and followed him, he did get into a fight with the teenager. But some people brought out the race card a bit too early. I am torn over the case myself I want to go to facts but then I see so many non black people saying so many bigotry comments. Are you serious and you wonder why black people do not trust some Caucasians, because of the few in the bunch that make it so hard.
    Social media alone all I have seen was people call this teenager many bad things, and the racial slurs have continued when this case is ultimately is not about race. So in that retrospect just look at the facts. Murder problem not manslaughter maybe. But Rioting I do not think so we are not animals, we are not just blatantly rude, but a lot of comments I have seen is so baffling.

  • A few will but overall not that many.

    There will always be a few diehards to any lost cause that will cause trouble. It won't really be massive scale riots this time though. The police will be ready for the few miscreants that start trouble and it will be extinguished rather fast, before a major conflagration erupts. If this was ten years ago there would be riots.

  • No average person off the street will riot but.....

    There STILL will be rioting because there are (others) who plan to use this event to create problems and chaos on Purpose. These people who have a specific AGENDA to create a massive problem will likely try to recruit people off the street to join them. To me YES riots will happen, but there are already rumors that certain "groups" or sending in buses of people to Sanford on purpose. Trayvon's family and their lawyer have already said out loud that they do not want any rioting or chaos, and that will accept the final result of this trial. The "others" (as in people who have a genuine evil agenda, who probably do not even care about the trial)...Will cause problems. This entire trial looks like a complete SET-UP to begin with. It is almost as if it was designed to FAIL from the very beginning. It is also possible (the media) is going to report rioting ALL across the USA, and then "the others" will state they need to call out the national guard and declare martial law. Watch and see what happens. The real rioters will be fakes getting paid to play a role and invent a problem that was not there before.

  • The outrage was false, fed by news and politics, not facts

    Since the biggest outrage and inflammatory materials all came from either politicians or news casters before the facts were released, the potential for any "righteous indignation riots" decreased with every revelation of audience manipulation like the five and twelve year old photos next to a Zimmerman mugshot among other things. It was a sad, unfortunate event that Zimmerman, his family, and Martin's parents will all have to live with. From the folks I talk with, the biggest travesty was the political and media involvement where it was highly inappropriate and the realization of [some of] the audience that they were being manipulated towards unrest. The kid made some bad choices which culminated in a confrontation that he never imagined, and it was more and more apparent as the case was reported on.

  • I hope not

    Because it will give white racist groups a reason to hide up in trees to target practice on black people if riots with their new guns if George Zimmerman is set free. George Zimmerman's criminal records have never been revealed during this trial. The records show that he does not have a clean past and has had several brushes with the law. On the other hand, Zimmerman's records show that he does have an aggressive personality. These records show that Zimmerman does not have a very clean past either. However, according to his side of the story, it was Trayvon Martin who attacked him and he killed the kid in self-defense.

    George Zimmerman has been accused of domestic violence, tussling with a police officer and for over-speeding.

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Anonymous says2013-07-09T09:04:17.600
Mr Zimmerman had no other choice that night but defend his life.I believe he will be convicted because this case is so politically charged.
The media has been against him from day one.The angelic picture of a twelve year old Trayvon Martin...Taken several years prior to the night
of the shooting fueled alot of the anger felt by black people....That a so called white hispanic had shot a child.Of cource all of us now know
that Trayvon Martin was no child.....The picture of the real Trayvon has been distorted....As has the facts...Trayvon made a ban choice that
night...And lost his life....In fact...It was Trayvon Martins lifestyle that in the took his life...Coupled along with the fact that neither his
mom or dad were good parents...These two people now will profit greatly because their son is dead....In fact...They have collected a lot
of money so far and will continue to do so regardless of the result of the trial...Their registering Trayvons name and tardemark will insure
the money will keep flowing for years to come..Perhaps all that money will help them with thier grief..I am thinking not...
And as far as the black people rioting if they don't get a conviction....Count on it...
Anonymous says2013-07-11T20:10:06.937
Why shouldn't they riot? Rioting has nothing to do with race, YOU IDIOTS! In US History, the white men rioted and got violent because the British increased their taxes. This is a kid that got killed! If it was reversed and a black man was following a white kid and shot him, statistics show the black men would be in prison. Tell me there isn't Racism?
Anonymous says2013-07-14T15:12:16.440
The riots are already happening.