• I'm not necessarily saying it will, But I feel that it is becoming more possible every day.

    Ever since the summer of 2020, I have felt put down because I was white. Because, Allegedly, All black people deserve more rights than they have been given, Which is literally every single human right possible. They are not oppressed, They are not being silenced, They aren't even being purposefully targeted by the police. I just think it's sad that they have believed the mainstream media and the Democratic party that they have always been victims of "white supremacy, " and I'm not condemning the periods of time in American history when black people were treated VERY unfairly and were even enslaved, But groups like BLM have convinced their fellow Americans that they are victims themselves. Whether you're black, White, Yellow, Red, Even blue. . . In America you are anything but oppressed. You are not a victim. You live in the greatest country on earth, This IS the greatest country on earth. And if you believe that you aren't being treated fairly because of your skin color, Just look at how far we've come. The people living as slaves during the civil war. Rosa parks, MLK Jr, And sooooo many more people. Compare their lives to yours. All I'm saying is, The past is past. Look to the future.

    Remember the past, But look forward to the future.

  • It had become a reality

    In those days, The blacks were treated like dirt by the bad whites. But now, They are like the whites in those days. They often kill others (sometimes they also kill fellow blacks) and pull down historic statues of great people, Calling those people racist. The reason behind this is that movements like BLM are funded and supported by the powerful few who control the economy ( like George Soros). T
    So, They must be stopped.

  • Yup yup yup

    Yup. It’s becoming a reality. White person says a joke and it is racism. Black person makes the exact same joke and it’s fine. Black people are being blindsided by revenge and they make choices based off their guts. I would be more likely to support racial justice if we sat down and talked things over before we began marching down the streets protesting

  • We are going there

    We’re already in black supremacy boys and girls because a hundred white people die under our noses with no care but one black dies and that is racism. Apparently, A blacks person beating up a white person for no reason is white because wearing white skin in public is racist. BLM IS just as deceiving and they lie just as much as Fox News

  • Yep we’re already on the path to it

    One cop kills a black guy then black people instantly lose their shit and start terrorizing people and looting, White guy dies to a cop nobody cares, Black guy kills a white guy nobody cares, Black cop kills a white guy nobody cares, 4 teens capture a disabled white guy and torture him saying “f**k white people” Gazi kodzo condones it and praises it and nobody cares. Rose kalemba an innocent 14 year old girl was raped on pornhub and nobody cared, George Floyd who held a gun to a pregnant lady died and people lost their shit. . . . Yeah definitely no double standard here *sarcasm*

  • No clue I guess so

    We had white supremacy so black supremacy could become reality if we allow the Democrats to have full control over America. Just saying that if we are going to have black supremacy, We should at least avoid a war. Black supremacy wouldn’t be convenient but some far left extremist would like it

  • Its already here

    You need not look further than BLM and the statement that "only whites can be racist" to know the truth, People also put forward bogus claims that melanin, The black pigment that makes the skin black, Somehow gives them special abilities and makes them better than 'whites' Black supremacy is already here.

  • Don't be ridiculous.

    Black people witnessed firsthand the disgusting and disgraceful world of white supremacy, And most of them are good-natured enough to not want to resort to "An eye for an eye" mentality. If you disagree, You're just racist. There is no such thing as race and we are more likely to see a completely egalitarian society in the future than a black supremacist one.

  • I do disagree.

    Black people still face discrimination today, There are more white lawmakers and people in positions of power more than black people, It would be nearly impossible for "black supremacy" to become a normalized thing under such circumstances, I feel like this argument is more of a white supremacist wet dream, That somehow the clack population will just get up one day and decide "whelp, Lets f**k everything up just cuz" a very small minority of people want that, And that small minority consists of primarily extreme far-right white people, Now I'm not saying white people are bad because they're white, All I'm saying is there is a nearly 200 year long history of black slavery and even after they were freed a history of red-lining and discrimination still persists even to this day. I also doubt this would become a realty in the future just because there is such a large number of Caucasian people in north-America.

    Posted by: gurk

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emilygf52 says2021-01-09T16:08:31.073
I feel bad for America. Even though the UK's Conservative Government is bending a bit to avoid getting trashed by the leftist public, I think the UK's ability to maintain the conversation is the key to keeping everything fair. However, As we know, The UK often follows the US. The thing to take from this is - keep talking.

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