• This is a maybe

    It really depends on them. They need to come up with cooler and newer technology. Blackberry seems to have fallen behind in the competition and they haven't really wowed anyone with awesome new stuff like they did when they very first came into the competition of latest and greatest technology

  • Blackberry is Over

    I think that Blackberry had its fifteen minutes of fame years ago and won't be back. It was a great product for its time, though, and set the tone for future personal devices. It was a great idea while it lasted, but technology has moved on to a great extent.

  • It wouldn't be impossible for BlackBerry to become competitive again.

    BlackBerry was a pioneering company when it came to smart phone technology but was completely taken over by the popularity of iPhone and Android devices. While BlackBerry's future looks difficult - particularly having to write down billions of dollars of unsold inventory, they have ten models in production aimed at emerging markets - a demographic that Apple in particular do not compete in.

  • No, certainly not.

    Due to the rapid increase in science and technology latest technologies have been invented. They are better than blackberry. There are still few peoples who do buy these phones but many peoples have sold their old blackberry phones in order to live more luxurious life by latest smart phones. That's why they may fall a prey to new technology.

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