Will Blu-ray discs have a longer shelf life than DVDs or VHS tapes?

  • Yes, Blu-rays will have a longer shelf life than DVDs and VHSs.

    I think that Blu-rays will have a longer shelf life than DVDs and VHS tapes. Blu-rays are made with more advanced technologies. And it is something that can also resist more damage. It is made to be superior to a DVD in every way possible. That is why it is only logical that it would have a longer shelf life than both DVDs and VHS tapes.

  • No, only because the trend suggests otherwise.

    I would have thought VHS tapes and DVDs to last longer than they did. I couldn't think of any technology that would replace them at the time. Yet, sure enough, along came something better. It's the same with Blu-ray discs. Right now, I can't think of anything that will replace them. However, technology is always growing, and I'm sure there's already prototypes of the next best thing somewhere in the works.

  • What is next?

    There is always a new and better way for media to be watched coming out. I do not know what will replace Blu-rays but there will be something new coming out that will be better. This society is one that is never happy with what they have and always want something new and better.

  • Price Hurts Blu-Ray

    I do not believe Blu-ray discs will have a longer shelf life compared to DVD's and VHS tapes. I still prefer DVD's because they are cheaper than Blu-ray discs, but as people become more accustomed to saving digital formats of films, I think we will see Blu-ray's and DVD's dissipate at the same rate.

  • Blu-ray shelf life will be short.

    Blu-ray discs will not have a longer shelf life than DVDs or VHS tapes. This technology will expire as quickly as the other forms of media have, and one day in the next five years we will probably have a new form of this technology. VHS lasted quite a long time and it would be hard to outdo the years it lasted.

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