Will Bobbi Kristina Brown be normal now that she is "awake" according to her dad, Bobby Brown?

  • She will be normal

    I am agreeing because I want very badly for her to be alright. I think with enough positive energy thrown her way that she will be normal. But even if it takes years of rehabilitation and it is not immediate, she could be normal again. She is young and has that youth on her side.

  • No, Bobbi Kristina will not be normal now that she is "awake".

    Who knows what "awake" means because he didn't really elaborate and they have all seemed kind of optimistic through all of this. Brain damage, like the kind she has suffered, is wildly unpredictable as far as prognosis. It is arguable that she wasn't very "normal" before the incident too, so: No, she will definitely not be normal now.

  • No, Bobbi Kristina Brown may never be normal again.

    No, I don't think she can be normal again because she was in really bad condition when she was found. There were reports of her being brain dead. I don't know many examples of people going through anything like that and being normal again. I'm not saying it's impossible because anything can happen, but it seems unlikely. She may be close to the person she was before, but not all the way back to that person.

  • Bobbi Kristina Brown is not "awake"

    Bobbi Brown was found unresponsive, face down in a bath tub some time ago. She is now gravely ill in a medically induced coma. At the present time she is under doctors' supervision. She is by no means "awake". She is not even asleep or merely unconscious; she is in a coma and may never gain consciousness again.

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