• Boehner has consistently shown his discontent for Obama, it is only inevitable that he will persue him legally.

    If you have been paying any attention to Washington in the past few months, you are fully aware of the mess that it is in right now. Boehner has led the republicans in blocking bill after bill that would help stabilize the economy purely for his own political gain. The biggest move he can possibly make now would be to sue Obama, and by looking at his track record, he intends to do exactly that.

  • Obama’s “So Sue Me”

    The president spoke at the Key Bridge that connects Virginia to Washington to make a point about infrastructure legislation that is currently stuck in Congress. But the combative talk offers a good lens through which to view this year’s midterm elections.

    If you work in the White House, you will think that “so sue me” is a great line. It is a punchy way to show the president fighting and engaged on behalf of the middle class, and it makes a point that Obama aides have been trying to make since the State of the Union: that House Republicans are engaged in meaningless votes to repeal Obamacare, endless hearings, and now a lawsuit all to score political points, while the president is straining every muscle to work for the middle class. If the election becomes a referendum on an unpopular president, that's bad for Democrats. This construction asks voters—particularly the handful who will vote but remain undecided—to compare the president's efforts to the even more unpopular Republicans in Congress.

  • No, I don't think he will.

    After the republicans shut down the government a few years ago and there was a major outcry after that I think Boehner will avoid suing Obama even though I am sure he wants to. I think he knows that it will isolated even further the moderate voters that they need to win the next election.

  • No, Obama will not be sued.

    By law, the president cannot be sued for taking action while in office for he is given this responsibility for a reason. It is owing to this that Boehner, however much the remark made by Obama was bogus, cannot sue him especially for acting on his own and taking a decision he has been given the power to do so.

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