• Growth through transition: from Menino to Walsh

    While Thomas Menino was Boston's mayor for the past twenty years, the city will continue to move forward with new leadership. Mayor Menino loved meeting the people of Boston. Similar to Mayor Menimo, Mayor Walsh is an advocate for the working people of Boston. Mayor Walsh has the experience and knowledge to lead the city into an era of growth. Mayor Walsh is someone who has proven to get results.

  • Yes Boston will continue to grow without Thomas Menion.

    As the longest tenured mayor of Boston Thomas Menino was responsible for much of the city's growth and exposure on the both the national and international arenas. Mr. Menino was both a leader and visionary for the people of Boston. He understood his community and was able to bring diverse groups of people together on a common ground.

  • Yes, Boston will keep growing strong.

    Boston has always been a strong city. Mayor Thomas Menino helped build it stronger. Just because he passed away doesn't mean that Boston will die. Boston will continue to prosper. As long as the Boston leadership follows the steps that Menino showed them, there is no reason this great city should, or will fail.

  • Yes it will.

    I think Boston will continue to grow even after the death of Thomas Menino because in the first place it not just Thomas Menino contribute to the growth of Boston and I think their is someone who can replace him so the grow in Boston will never stop. That's all.

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