• Yes, they could work if they have enough support behind them.

    Any elected official, with a desire to be re-elected, needs to keep the voting public on their side. Other than that, some elected officials may want to alter their decision-making just knowing that they are making large numbers of individuals upset. Another consideration is the president Trump has made it obvious that he cares very much about how he is viewed publicly, and wants to be a popular person. If he implements any changes to his plans to appease the majority of the population, it may discredit him with the minority that voted for him.

  • No, boycotts will do nothing to "discredit" the President.

    Again, this question is ridiculous. Boycotts will do nothing to render the president "right" or "wrong" in his beliefs. They might have economic ramifications, but that would require a serious level of organization that I do not see the anti-Trump protesters generating. I think that many of Trump's opponents underestimate those who either support the President or are willing to give him (at least temporarily) the benefit of the doubt.

  • They haven't helped.

    During the election, people did nothing but protest against Trump. They fought against him and disrupted his rallies. These boycotts haven't worked to discredit him, instead they have strengthened the resolve of people in the Midwest who want the United States to be a moderate nation. It's better to just live your life.

  • Boycotts will not work to discredit Trump

    Boycotts will not work to discredit Pres. Trump in any way, shape or form. All the boycotts do is make the boy Cotters looks completely and utterly foolish and only hurt the group that is doing the boycotting. The man has only been in office for a week. How about giving the guy a chance?

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