Will Brazil benefit from the Belo Monte Dam project or will it cause harm to the environment?

  • Brazil will benefit from the Belo Monte Dam project.

    Brazil will benefit from the Belo Monte Dam project. I think that they have done their research before the project was even allowed to begin. They are assuring people that this will not harm the environment around the dam. I think this will only have positive results for the people.

  • Yes, Brazil will defintiely gain more than losse off the Belo Monte Dam project

    So many dams are built all over the world but nobody made a noise then or now. Any project that creates regional employment and supplies power to the country deserves consideration. Sure there are bound to be environmental concerns but should we leave people to starve because of it? The indigenous peoples can be accommodated elsewhere to ally fears of being displaced off their homes.

  • I Think They Will Benefit

    I believe dams do cause harm to the environment in some ways. There are cases here in the US where the mere pressure causes earthquakes. It also drowns out ecosystems. Even with these environmental harms in mind, I think the Belo Monte Dam project will prove very beneficial to Brazil.

  • It will make energy.

    Yes, Brazil will benefit from the Belo Monte Dam project, because look at what the Dam project did in China. Even in the United States, the Hoover Dam provides water and electricity to an entire region that would otherwise be uninhabitable. This is a good move for Brazil that will make them wealthy.

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