• Yes, Brazil has qualified to participate in the 2014 World Cup.

    Brazil is competing for the World Cup because it has competed and qualified to participate along with the other contenders. Brazil is also serving as the World Cup host country in 2014. Additional countries that will be competing during the 2014 games include England, Spain, Uruguay, France, Italy, Germany and Argentina.

  • Yes, Brazil will compete for the World Cup in 2014

    Brazil will certainly compete for the world cup. Despite its recent protests and manifestations, the 2014 World Cup will still take place in Brazil. In addition, the country's historic emphasis on the sport ensures that its team will be a persistent, strong presence during the 2014 World Cup and future events.

  • Brazil has the home field advantage.

    Brazil is one of the top contenders in every World Cup. Brazil fields a team that has some of the best players in the world. The fact that the 2014 World Cup is hosted by Brazil gives the team a tremendous advantage. The fan base alone cements the team as one of the top contenders and could ultimately lead to the cup title.

  • Brazil has historically been a soccer powerhouse.

    Brazil has historically been one of the top nations when it comes to dominating soccer in international play. While no nation is a lock for winning the world cup, certainly any nation that produces a consistent product year after year should be considered in the running to have a chance to win the title.

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