• Easily best mid& forward line in FIFA

    Brasil has come a long way since 2010.
    Neymar has transformed into someone who we can trust to carry this to the win.
    With world famous players like Fred, hulk, oscar, silva, Marcelo, Cesar, and Neymar, we have a powerful force that will wreak havoc on other contenders like Spain, Germany, Argentina, Mexico, and Netherlands. Spain has no new players. Torres is a name synonymous with INCONSISTENT!!! And former stars like Pedro, pique, Xavi, and puyol, and getting older.

  • Brasil has become a new team

    From losing several world famous veterans over the last few years such as ronaldinho, Ronaldo, lucio etc; Brasil has a new team of young starts waiting for their chance to dominate. We are going to see spectacular performances from players like Neymar, Marcelo, Fred, Oscar, Hulk, and Julio Cesar. The home crowd will do wonders on the young team. My guess is a final of Brasil vs. Spain/Germany.

  • Brazil or Argentina will win

    I think Brazil could win because it's in their home continent and by far have some of the best players in the world e.g. Neymar (best winger), Marcelo (best left back), Thiago Silva (best Centre back) also they have won many world cups in the past as well so they also have a good history. Argentina could win as well since it's in their home continent and also have a good strong team. I think it's a fight between Brazil or Argentina.

  • Brazil has Won the Most World Cups

    I believe Brazil will win for many reasons:
    1). They are playing at home. That always gives teams the advantages.
    2). They are the favourite team. I have been looking online for who will win the World Cup and who would make it out of Group D or Group G. I have found Brazil to be by far the favourite among professionals.
    3). They have the best history out of all teams. I know, I know, so what? I think of it as fuel to the raging machine. With 5 World Cups up their sleeve (soon to bee six), I believe Brazil can win this!

    For these reasons I believe that Brazil will outplay Spain, Germany, and Argentina, and become successful in achieving 6 World Cups!

  • They have neymar

    They are playing in their country and they have a legacy of legends. They beat Spain in the Confederations Cup and they have won the most World Cups in history. The crowd is mostly Brazilian and they distract enemy players with their chanting. They also have players from the best teams like FCBarcelona.

  • Young talented team

    Brazil has home ground support . The team has young talented players that many players who can score as demonstrated by their success in confederation cup and friendly international. On top of that brazil has neymar who is a combination of skills of pele n maradonna.Brazil defense is solid and one of the best

  • Brazil to win it all

    Brazil has some of the best young talent on offense in the world in Hulk, Alexandre Pato, and Neymar. They have veterans in the midfield that have proven themselves on this stage in Kaka, Ronaldhino Gaucho, and Paulinho. Plus they obtain stud defenders like David Luiz, Dani Alves, Tiago Silva, Marcelo, Dante, Maxwell and Maicon that play for the best clubs in the world. They also have experienced goalkeeping in Julio Cesar. Their coaching from Felipe Scolari is getting them more antiquated with each other and their styles of play and creating chemistry between the players. They will be a tough team to win against, ESPECIALLY in their own country where in Brazil is basically their religion. I think Brazil will have the best chance of winning the World Cup in 2014. It will be tough to get through the quarter finals against a Spain or Netherlands, but I think they have what it takes for them to win their 6th World Cup!

  • Most successful track record on world cup history

    Young, talented, and motivated players, huge domestic pressure. Standing behind the facts: recent performance suggests that Brazil is a serious contender and can win this world cup. Felipe Scolari is building a solid technical and tactical foundation, the players are maturing and team game is evolving well. Brazil is a serious contender, I would not underestimate Brazil!

  • Yes but it won't be easy at all.....

    I believe Brazil will win the World Cup since they have the advantage of playing at home and having an enormous support from its fans. Probably a final Brazil X Germany.
    Argentina Quarter Final
    Spain Quarter-Final to Semi-Final
    Italy Quarter Final
    Germany Final
    Brazil Final
    No matter what it will be an awesome World Cup to watch!!!

  • Yes they will wing

    The Brazil football team has a wide variety of professional players ! Among these players is the fast growing football start Neymar ... They also have other professionals such as Kaka and Robinho !

    However with these player's on the field, I think they stand a great chance to win the world cup, not to mention that the Brazil's football manager has mentioned that he will build a professional team the same as the previous old one... To be able to compete in the world cup

  • Deutschland Über Alles!

    Die Adler will easily win. They're not in in a very tough group, and the only team that might give them some trouble in the group stage is Portugal, who shouldn't even really be an issue. Group of 16 will probably face them against Russia or Algeria, neither of whom should be an issue for them to soundly defeat. Quarters will provide a match between the Germans and the French , who, like the multiple times before, will fall to Germany in battle. The struggle will only start in the semi-finals when the Germans will face Brazil, who, while being an amazing side, are a young, inexperienced squad who won't be able to defend against the intricacies of the German possession game. The final will be between Germany and Spain, which will be a lovely match to watch and will likely go to extra time, possibly penalties.

    Champion: Germany
    Finalist: Spain
    Third Place: Brazil
    Fourth Place: Argentina

  • They Wont Win!

    People keep on saying that Brazil has home field advantage but that can work against them. With such young players in their squad, who are most certainly talented, one can not expect them to reach the same level they did in a much lower profile competition such as the Confederations Cup(it also helped that Spain played terribly <---not a Spain fan). Also the soccer gods should not allow someone who dives as much as Neymar to win, although they have before.

  • Brazil team has no experience.

    Honestly, Brazil is not even the best team in South America. Argentina is better, but I believe that Spain will win the 2014 WC, and go down as the greatest national team of all time. With players like Iniesta, Xavi, Villa, Alba, Cassilas, Alonso, Pedro, Torres, Mata, Pique, Silva, Puyol, Fabregas, to name a few. It's like the Dream Team of 1992, but in soccer.

  • Their squad does not stack up to some of the best in the world.

    Their squad does not stack up to some of the best in the world. They lost to Mexico in the final in the Olympics. And with Spain as an absolute powerhouse, and Argentina with Messi, Germany back to being one of the worlds best and Mexico on the rise, it's just not gonna happen. They will lose in the round of 16 or in the quarterfinals.

  • The German Juggernaut

    Germany have arguably the best and darkest squad in world football right now. They have world beaters in every position. The best goalkeeper in the world, Neuer. Indisputably the best full back and one of the best players in the world, Philipp Lahm. An excellent batch of central defenders - Boateng, Hummels, Mertesacker, Howedes, Badstuber. An awe inspiring midfield with Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Müller, Özil, Götze, Reus, Gündogan, the Benders, Schürlle, Khedira, Draxler etc. Their midfield demonstrates the perfect balance of youth and experience their squad has. Their only weaknesses lie at left back and striker.
    Being a passionate Germany and Bayern Munich fan, I really want players like Lahm, Schweinsteiger and Klose to cement their legendary status by lifting the World Cup. Only the slightly dubious coaching of Löw can stop them from doing so. Auf gehts Deutschland!

  • I like USA

    Well basically, USA has the best program in the world. Landon Donovan could beat the entire Brazil team with one foot. Also, TIm Howard is pretty much the American Jesus when it comes to the saving shots. The USA will win the World Cup indefinitely. Also Cristiano Ronaldo <<<< Messi. Thank you, 'Merica.

  • They too young

    How can they win if most have no experience and how will they cope under the huge pressure of playing in their home country. They won the past three confederations cup and evey team in history that won the confed cup never won the world cup the follwing year. Point proven

  • Brazil is good team but no chance to win 2014 world cup. They will reach in semi final only.

    Brazil no chance to win, there players are young they don’t have much experience in the world cup.
    As of now 60% chance to win only one team that is Argentina. Spain and Germany also 20% chance.
    Spain still in full energetic and there are lot of play makers and Germany physically full fit.

  • Mexico has what it takes to win world cup 2014.

    Mexico in one of the few countries that have the best young generation of soccer players. Brazil showed us on the Olympics that their new generation of soccer players have issues and they are not ready to win the world cup. Mexico is one of the best candidates to win the cup.

  • No, probably not

    The chance for Brazil to win are actually quite slim in my opinion. I mean, you have to face Spain, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, England, and Italy. All of which are great teams. Yes, their offense is good in Neymar, Hulk, and others, but I don't think their midfield will hold up. Especially with Germany and Spain's midfield. Spain has Xavi, Iniesta, and Alonso as veterans, and then has Isco and Koke to bring a lively presence to the midfield. Germany also has Ozil, Gotze, Reus, Muller and Kroos. If Argentina, Spain, and Germany get past Brazil's offense, they could create many scoring chances. Brazil might have the home field advantage, but I don't think their defense and midfield can withstand attacks from Argentina's Messi and Di Maria, and Spain and Germany's amazing midfield. But if Messi gets injured yet again, that will definitely ruin Argentina's chances.

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Portuguese says2014-05-24T00:42:14.073
Just take a look at the portuguese squad strong defense and good strikers like Ronaldo to make the difference.
TRUECRISTIAN says2014-06-27T08:04:03.873
Brazil do not know soccer
Mizanbd says2014-06-28T05:58:55.970
Brazil have to face Holland which is difficult team for them. Probably Brazil knocked out by Holland if Holland just guard neymar and oscar properly. Holland probably the champion of this FIFA world Cup 2014.
Mizanbd says2014-06-28T07:11:32.730
Chances of FIFA World Cup 2014 winning 1. Holland 2. Germany 3. Brazil 4. Argentina