Will brick and mortar schools become obsolete in the future?

Asked by: Cat47
  • At this point, they already are obsolete. W

    With technological advancements, and assuming common core is repealed, the entire education system will be completely digital. Many parents are already choosing homeschooling, because the school system is designed to brainwash people. We already have a number of websites that allow you to take online video courses, daily "class connect" thingies, and more. In the future, parents will no longer send their kids to public schools. At-least what I'm predicting.

  • Probably They Will

    Assuming that schooling is eventually returned to private enterprise (or a movement in the government for large spending cuts arises), then it is very likely that schools will become digitized. In fact, we are already seeing this to some extent with private and public colleges. Students can take online courses, interact with their teachers via webcam, and other things like this. Not only would such a system be more efficient, it would also be much cheaper. I'm actually a bit surprised that this is not more widespread a phenomena then is the case.

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