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  • No future for Britain as a cycling nation

    Britain is never likely to become a nation of cyclists. Although not as hooked on their cars as the Americans, the British public are still very dependent on their cars. Despite many efforts to improve cycle paths, in many places it is still too dangerous to cycle on the roads and car drivers are very hostile to those on two wheels.

  • No - The streets are not safe for cyclists

    I disagree that Britain will become a nation of cyclists. As we've seen over the past few months, the roads in London are not safe for cyclists, with deaths being a major news story some months ago. Not only do some cyclists not take motorists into consideration, sometimes motorists don't take cyclists into consideration, both of which can have a negative effect on the cyclist. Cars are a much more practical option, and I for one wouldn't trade in my car for a bicycle.

  • No, Britain will not become a nation of cyclists.

    No, Britain will not become a nation of cyclists. Britain is known for gloomy, rainy weather, and this type of weather is not conducive to cycling. Although Britain will always have residents who are cyclists, cycling will not become so popular that it is considered to be a nation of cyclists.

  • No, people need to be mobile.

    No, Great Britain will not become a nation of cyclists. While it is not entirely implausible for there to be a town or even a city of cyclists, it is just not possible for this sort of thing to happen on a national scale. Millions of working people must travel to faraway towns and cities for work, whether by car or public transport. Even those who don't are often completely reliant on automobiles for their work; dustbin men, builders, mechanics, and lorry drivers to name a few. Becoming a nation of cyclists would have serious ramifications for our already precarious economy.

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