• New film "The Infiltrator" is primed for success

    Bryan Cranston is at the helm of a new film called "The Infiltrator" whose suspenseful plot features his character, well, infiltrating several drug cartels. The film is poised to be a box-office success: Cranston has proved time and again throughout his career (from playing a bumbling dad on "Malcom in the Middle" to a meth kingpin in "Breaking Bad") that he is a talented actor with an incredibly wide range.

  • Cranston is amazing.

    I think that Cranston's new movie will definitely be a success. He is an amazing actor with a strong following. In addition, people love seeing movies based on true stories, and The Infiltrator appears to be very well-made. I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and a lot of people here want to see it because a lot of local landmarks are included in filming.

  • I think the movie will do well

    People like Bryan Cranston, especially after Breaking Bad, and I don't see why BB fans won't spend money to see him on the big screen. The movie seems to have a solid cast and good writing and direction. Even Rotten Tomatoes found it a compelling fact-based story with a talented cast.

  • Yes, it will be a success.

    Bryan Cranston's new movie, The Infiltrator, is an other example of the quality work that this vetern actor does. The movie is well written and well directed and is sure to recieve plenty of attention and critical acclaim, if for no reason other than who is attached to this movie.

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