• How to deal with bullying

    Bullying will stop if we use a monitoring system to track down bullies convict them and send them to prison camps, in which we would work on rehabilitation through various programs and shock therapy and as a punishment inflict the kind of emotional pain they had inflicted on others and if all else fails execute them as inhumanly as possibly. :)

  • Of course they will

    In 1.75 billion years, the Earth will leave the habitable zone in the Sun's orbit. Liquid water will cease to exist and life on earth will perish. Amongst the dead will be, of course, every bully in the known universe.

    "We will have colonized other worlds by then", you say? Assuming the Scientologists don't summon a galactic beast called the "Planet eater", you may be right. I'd prepare for the worst, though.

  • Bullies shall stop

    I was bullied by an evil classmate 8-9 yrs ago and that was very wrongful of this type of bully. I hate being treated like this. You need to teach kids and adults to be obedient just like in jail. This shall be the end. It's not fair for a bully to punch you out

  • It has always been around, and it always will

    I don't see what all of the griping about bullies is. Kids are a naturally ruthless group. Sure, they're nice to the people like them, but the outcast is always going to be ganged up on. There's nothing that can be done about that. So go ahead, shove all of the 'educational' talks you want down their throats, kids all throughout history were bullied.
    The real problem is that kids have been made more sensitive, having to care about what other people think about them is the problem, and is the reason that we have all of these 'Bullying Suicide' cases.
    I've been bullied all of my life.

  • Bullying is natural.

    As observed in nature, many, if not all animals want to try and vie for the top of the group, and one way of doing that, especially in a species as social as humans, is to make others feel inferior, and less important, so that they will be less of a threat as the "bully" gains power.

  • Bullying Won't Stop

    There is always going to be someone who has a problem with another person and will want to tear them down and make them feel bad about them. People in the competitive world always tear others down to get ahead and/or to make them feel better about who they are. In schools, students tear down other who maybe don't have much money, or look different, just to make them feel better. As long as the world is not equal, bullying will exist in some way shape or form.

  • Bullies will not stop on their own

    Most bullies begin in the house. They become bullies because of abuse from the parents or abuse from siblings or something worse, because of this bullies will not stop on their alone as long as they are allowed to continue to have the emotional problems. Once someone becomes bully who was abused in some way they will feel that rush of now they're the powerful and not the one be abused. And they'll want to keep the rush and continue to bully. However with assistance and rehab and getting the abusers caught perhaps then bullies could be stopped.

  • We are individuals.

    Bullying will never stop. One of the great things about being human is that we are individuals and therefore all have different personalities, different looks, different ways. Bullies target people that are different from them, people they don't understand. Just like some people are tall and others are short, some people are kind-hearted and others are bullies. For as long as there are humans, there will be people with bullying personalities

  • Bullies Won't Stop

    Everyone has been bullied at some point, and nobody likes them. People may think that bullies will eventually stop and be nice to strange looking people out there, but the truth is, once bullies get started bullying, they will not stop. I have attended many assemblies where they talk about bullying being a terrible thing, and if you know a bully, pay attention to what they do throughout the assembly. If they sit and watch, they might stop soon, but if they are laughing when people are being bullied in the video clips or pictures, watch out for them.

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