Will #Calexit benefit California and the United States?

Asked by: tmssean
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    I support Brexit and I will support Calexit This country the US is sadly in MID-PERIL!!!! So it ever just for a state in the union to leave a Mid-Periled Nation The 3.8 Million residents of California is stable for a nation and a working industry in mining to Hollywood

  • No, it will not.

    The #Calexit minority is pretty much a sad joke. Apparently they are clinically unable to understand that they, the majority of them citydwellers, depend on goods imported from the rest of the United States to surviiiive!

    On one side, California leaving is bad in every sense of the word, but on the other, those idiots would also die. Oh cruel world!

  • Where would california get the funding if the inevitable big ones strike? What happens if there is another major drought, which scientists claim is possible

    California is vulnerable. A secession would not benefit california because california faces plenty of risks. What is the southwest going to do when it faces more expensive drinking water related problems? Sure, desalination is a solution but it is also expensive. California may have major earthquakes and if the inevitable does occur. A financial crisis will surely follow if major economic centers, such as the bay area and los angeles, succumb to damage. What about the possibility of another drought? Scientist claim that another major drought cannot be ruled out, especially in the water vulnerable southwest. What happens when the salton sea dries up and releases harmful particles into major population centers?

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Gareth_BM says2017-05-31T20:27:08.450
There's pros and cons. Firstly California will win and the US will lose out tax wise, California gives more money in the form of federal taxes than it receives in subsidies. However California imports much of its food from other states and exports a variety of goods. While the US and California would undoubtedly form a special low tariff economic bond it would still be bad for business for both parties. On the subject of infrastructure we see California exports power and imports water, we see in other countries in many places form an international infrastructure system so this is certainly not out of the question but prices of both would most likely rise and in drought scenarios California would struggle. Militarily California would remain a strong nation as they produce a large portion of the worlds arms and have a population and economy large enough to support a reasonably sized army, additionally their only two boarders would be the US who would most likely remain an ally and Mexico who would be unlikely to attempt direct military action. Politically we'd see the general state of the US shift right while California would most likely be quite a left-wing country comparable to many western European countries.