• Yes it will

    Call of Duty: Ghosts will be awesome because you can be a chopper gunner, a dog, a tank, an astronaut, ETC. So call of duty ghosts will be awesome. Also, The CoD family is awesome so no other CoD related games will be better than the actual Call of Duty games.

  • New Improvements to the CoD series

    Call of Duty Ghosts introduces new aspects to call of duty and includes a great new perk system. So far the gameplay is vivid and feels great! The maps are very well laid out as opposed to MW3's poorly designed maps. The new gun class brings on a whole new element to multiplayer it gives the players new obstacles to overcome.

  • COD:Ghosts will be good

    All call of duty games have satsified me in every way they dont let down and as a competitive player i belive that it will be a great game to play on. I belive the new engine for this game will be a new and fresh filling to the call of duty franchise

  • It is good

    Yes because it will be the best cod made when the patch comes out and ban all the hackers. You may die with 4 bullets but that's because its a new game but after they patch it the guns won't be as powerful that they are now. So it will be the best cod ever made

  • Yes it will be a great game.

    Call of Duty Ghosts has a new mode called extenction which will prove a point that Call of Duty can be more then just campaign mode and zombies. It will do better then any Call of Duty ever and will be the number one game for weeks too come. It is Amazing.

  • Expanded Features and Dogs!

    With versatile customization options and another epic storyline, I think it'll be amazing. Especially with the new dogs addition. Dogs will add a more personal side to the game. I also like how you'll be faced with bomb defusing as well. I am really looking forward to this game! It's going to be amazing!

  • The Next generation

    With the new overhaul of features from graphical improvements to game play, it's only obvious that Ghosts will be good. While it may win to other FPS games such as Titanfall or Battlefield 4, it now stands a better competition with them. It seems as though players have doubted Ghosts due to previous titles.

  • It Is Nothing New

    The Call of Duty franchise has never made grand innovations like numerous other game companies out there. I don't want to sound bias though. I own several CoDs, and while they are entertaining, they are not innovative or "new" in any sense of the words. The games run off of the same format, and there are very rarely large differences in content. The introduction of dogs and new game modes is great, but it is nothing that couldn't have been introduced with a simple DLC pack, like other franchises often do. A "new" Call of Duty is simple a map pack for the previous game, with maybe some petty graphic updates. Call of Duty is successful and fun, but in no means a "good" game.

  • All COD sucks

    Activision could not make a non repetitive game even if their life depended on it, each COD game is unoriginal and features the same features over and over NEVER adding ANYTHING new. We have games like Team Fortress 2 or half life 2 and even Counter Strike not getting enough attention as COD gets.

    All cod is is a typical FPS that does not even deserve the recognition that the games above deserve.

  • The only reason why I say know is because of the ending

    The multiplayer was not bad, but playing the campaing was good and fun but what is disturbing is the ending when you shoot Roke and he comes back and break your arm and takes you with him, but what made it more worse is that I thought that they were going to make a ghosts 2 but no they have to make INFINITE WARFARE, so I don't think that Ghosts will have a good ending.

  • There is no such thing as a good CoD game anymore!

    The Call of Duty series has been run into the ground by Activision, much like the Guitar Hero series. Every release seems more and more like the one that came out the year before. They have ~0 innovation in their games. The FPS genre is beginning to die because they are all starting to look too much alike, and it eventually will if someone can't come up with something that makes the genre new and interesting again.

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