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  • No, Murray will beat him.

    Canadian Milos Raonic will not win the Wimbledon tittle, Murray will carry the day. Murray is a seasoned player and undoubtedly more agile than Milos Raonic. Milos has had a great season and reaching the Wimbledon final is a great achievement for him, but as it stands Murray will win as he lives to fight another day.

  • No, Milos won't win

    He cannot win, as it were. His opponent is a far better tennis player. In fact, if we look back in time, we will see that his opponent has a far better track record than he. Raonic has too many inconsistencies in his performance, and he just does not have a high enough skill level to win.

  • No, Milos Raonic will not win Wimbledon.

    No, Milos Raonic will not win Wimbledon. The tournament is already over, and Andy Murray was the champion of Wimbledon this year. It is, of course, possible for Milos Raonic to win Wimbledon at some point in the future, especially because he appears to be very talented and to be a top player.

  • No he won't

    No, Milos Raonic will not win Wimbledon, not this year anyway. Britain's Andy Murray became Wimbledon champion for the second time , so it is a little late for Milos Raonic to win this year, but there is always next year if he trains hard enough. Andy Murray lost many Wimbledon's before he triumphed, there is no reason Milos can't do the same

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