• Take a look around

    If you look at all the new technology that has replaced CDs, You realise that they are already obsolete. My new computer I bought TWO DAYS AGO doesn't even have a CD player. In fact, Only one computer at the store had one, And it was marked down. Secondly, There are streaming services like spotify and apple music that allow you to get any song without having to buy the whole album. Basically the question is not will CDs become obsolete, It is will they ever make a comeback from ALREADY BEING OBSOLETE.

  • USB drives are better

    They are smaller, quieter, hold more information, and less fragile. USB drives don't require a optical drive to use and are easier and quicker to insert. USB drives are more compact, they are easier to hold and store, CDs must be held in a specific ways and basically require carriers or containers to hold them when not in use.

  • Everything becomes obsolete!

    Everything Becomes obsolete. Every man, woman and child reading this will become obsolete. The earth, moon and the sun will become obsolete. The trees, the grass, the seas and the rivers, they too will all become obsolete. The tall buildings, the electric moving cars, the computers we type on today, will all be obsolete. Everything we use today, from our cell phones to our shoes, they all will be obsolete. Now, if the question was, "When will CD's become obsolete?" well that my dear friends, is an entirely different debate.

  • The only reason I own optical media is for OS installation on an old computer, and one game on optical media

    I don't believe in shit like Amazon Prime and Netflix and Hulu, but I also hate having hundreds of discs around my house, so I use a NAS for my movies, music, and TV shows, and just pirate them thru a private tracker. The only be optical media I own at this point is some DVD-RWs for OS installation if I happen to be dealing with an older machine that can't boot from USB. The only other optical media I happen to own is driver discs for various hardware I have bought that I kept just in case, and one PC game, Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate Collection. All the rest of my PC games are digital thru steam or origin.

  • Obsolete!Hell yeah definitely

    They will become obsolete in the near future due to websites and apps such as youtube,youtube red,netflix,amazon prime video ,hulu,sling and hbo go.Netflix already has a ton of tv shows that were bought with cds back in the day and CDS are also way more expensive. Example youtube is totally free nextflix basic subscription is only 8 usd whick how much 10 cds will cost

  • Let's Face It

    CD's are dying because vinyl is so awesome and vinyl has a warmer sound so there and with vinyl you can read liner notes unlike a compact disc music enthusiasts buy records because they are cool MP3 & I Tunes have made people STOP buying CDS aswell because they're digital and vinyl is awesome.

  • Other Older Technologies have become Obsolete, why not CDs?

    Before the CD was even made, there were cassette tapes. The cassette tapes have become obsolete due to the invention of CDs. Consumers have seen how CDs can provide a larger data storage, higher quality music, and easier functionality compared to cassette tapes. Now with the invention of the flashdrive (pendrive) and cloud, these CDs will also become obsolete for they can provide larger data storages and even easier functionality. In addition, they are easier to carry and stronger.

  • Sadly , Yes.. Desktops & laptops don't ship in with CD Drives anymore

    "Pendrives" the pocket sized dynamo can hold several Giga bytes of data & can achieve transfer speeds of a few Megabytes per second. Encryption techniques have brought down the size of data & the same holds for music. Studio quality tracs are still available if, you own a home theater system & would like to enjoy the nuances of music. The same can be downloaded onto a pendrive & be played from that pendrive. So yes Pendrives have shattered and demolished the need for CDs

  • Vinyl Better Than CD's

    Ever Since the Vinyl Came Back more and more people have been buying Their Music On Vinyl because of the Warmer sound, the detail, Resolution and dynamics and Basically Vinyl sounds more Life- like than CD's. CDs are just representations of the Music CDs over time will rot witch means they will become unreadable. In my opinion Vinyl is way better than CDs

  • Obviously they will.

    Everything is becoming digital and technology moves very fast. Remember floppy discs? CDs will go the same way. All music, films etc will be bought online and we'll transfer them from computer to computer through the cloud.

    I can't believe that 46% of people really think that CD's won't become obsolete. In 20 years, d'you really think they'll still be around? Come on!

    A lot of new laptops already don't have optical drives. Apple are removing optical drives from all their computers (including desktops) to make them thinner and more portable with the first one being the Macbook Air in 2008. When Apple starts to phase a technology out you know that it will soon be gone as Apple are often the first to do so. The original iMac was the first computer to not support floppy discs.

    Vinil has made a comeback but that's only cause lots of people prefer the sound quality because the sound quality is actually different from digital. Also, it's nice to have a physical object and they have a stylish aspect as the are vintage.

    But CDs/DVDs will be dead soon.

  • I totally disagree that music cd's are on their way out.

    If, Cd's are on their way out how come there are so many sites on the internet still selling them? I refuse, To switch to vinyl or mp3's in my opinion Vinyl albums are very over priced. They cheapest album I found was $15. 00 and the price goes up higher. I, Cannot to spend $400. 00 for a turn table.

  • Compact Discs are good for storing data

    CD's can also be used for storing digital data, For example binary programs so they're also used for software distribution and file sharing, Not everybody has an ISP account. CD's will exist for years to come, It will take a long time before all companies stop producing them.
    Compact cassetes are still being made by a number of companies, Same with VHS, So CD's are going to dissapear from the market.

  • It will still be available

    Because of the convenience of use over vinyl, Guaranteed sound quality and people with large collections who will still want to play them and buy new releases and not throw away years of music collecting. Also if vinyl remains as expensive as it is compared to cd in a format which wears as you use it and requires more storage to keep it.

  • Classic is forever.

    Well. As I can tell you. CDs are beloved stuff in the world and the rest of us are still using it. But I think you should care about it and use it to. I think they're great. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • CDs are the backbone of modern techonligy

    According to today's market. CD are traditional digital disk so it doesn't take lots of space. Hopefully they will continue to survive in the next generation as classic. Even our children will know what what CD is, As you know some CD and digital can work together like they were a team of music player.

  • Sound quality of CD is best

    The Audiophile choice is CD, it perfectly captures all the sound quality of the studio mix. It will always sound pristine. Tape and Vinyl wears out. Even MP3 320 doesn't sound as good because it has less data.
    The problem is that many downloads only offer MP3 which has poorer sound quality than CD. I personally won't pay money for an MP3. If downloads were in .Wav format, I'd consider paying money, but not as much as a CD. A HDD can fail, then you loose your music. A CD doesn't fail, unless grossly mistreated. When you buy a CD you get a durable physical format with ultimate sound quality. Perhaps most people don't care about sound quality, but audiophiles do. I think audiophiles are a rare breed, but they will keep CDs going.
    I'm not 100% sure of any of this. Technology and fashion changes fast these days. I hope CD is around for a long time, it's the best sound quality we've got!

  • No, at least not for some time

    CD's and DVD's are far more durable than are cassette tapes and vinyl records. Also, you don't have to pay for them over and over as you do for computerized streaming services. As I personally see it, it is touch and go as to whether they will disappear entirely. It is a mystery to me why some new inventions cause previous things to become obsolete; such as the calculator replacing the slide rule, whereas the video revolution: VHS tapes, DVD video discs, etc. have not made the movie theaters obsolete.

  • Everything stay the same.

    So every humans in the world still buying CDs even us family who lives like retro like the 1950's or the 90's. There for, the time has come for the CDs to survive. The laptop, and computers still has a drive and a car still has a car CD player today.

  • So they won't obsolete

    No one believe if they were ashamed about we believe we don't need the apple's new laptop and Cell/mobile phone. So we think the CDs will still be around as long as we kept try use a laptop with optical drive.. . . . . . . .. . .. .

  • I don't think so

    Why? Because We don't have to use iPhone anymore even now we think the CDs won't die in 2017 ( that's last year ) even in the year 2018. Today CDs will be able to survive so not a fewer CD albums but lots of albums.. .... . ... ..

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Anonymous says2013-08-05T22:33:29
I feel that they are becoming obsolete and soon they will be gone because people are doing more downloading. Some local video rental places have closed in my area

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