• Yes, Celebrity Apprentice will probably succeed with Schwarzenegger as the host.

    However awful it sounds to me, provided the production quality doesn't seriously take a nose dive, Celebrity Apprentice will probably retain most of its popularity even with Schwarzenegger as the host. I think that for the first season, the casting directors will have to do a very good job at attracting interesting characters to cushion the impact of changing the host.

  • The show will succeed for at least a couple more seasons.

    Celebrity Apprentice should have a couple of years' life in it, but will have to draw bigger celebrities and have more drama than previous seasons if it is to succeed. American tastes in television are incredibly fickle and there will probably be an overall decline in this genre of television that has grown dramatically in the past decade. There are many more television options available to viewers and Celebrity Apprentice fans will eventually move on to something new.

  • Yes, Celebrity Apprentice will succeed with Arnold Schwarzenegger as host.

    Yes, Celebrity Apprentice will succeed with Arnold Schwarzenegger as host. Middle America loves Hollywood and television stars who become politicians, as long as they ascribe to the right politics. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be able to maintain the success of the Celebrity Apprentice after its old host, Donald Trump, becomes president of the United States.

  • Schwarzenegger will succeed at the Celebrity Apprentice

    So long as reality television remains popular the Celebrity Apprentice will remain relevant. Mr. Schwarzenegger is an excellent choice to replace Mr. Trump. He has a great 'pull yourself up' story and he maintains a draw with the demographic that watches the Celebrity Apprentice. Additionally, he will bring a swagger similar to Mr. Trump that help make him popular.

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