Will changing passwords be a suitable defense against internet hackers?

  • Keeper Security or an equivalent is a MUST

    Whatever you do, don't use any simplistic passwords, especially words you hear frequently in your area when you're OFFline. Use Keeper Security or an equivalent service so that you can just set random passwords and store them with which site they go to. Luckily I've never been hacked even when I used to use the same password for everything.

  • A person can't change passwords fast enough

    A computer program that can type thousands of passwords per second will guess your password no matter what it is or how often you change it. The best hackers don't type in passwords until they get it right, they use a computer program--much more efficient. Or they use Heartbleed-like exploits to read the server's log and see your password there. If you use a computer service to change your password several thousand times per second, unless the system also types your password in for you, you will be locked out. If it types it in for you, then a virus could take over the program and take it out. Also, the program could eventually change the password to the same thing as the hacker's program guessed, letting them in. In short, nothing is safe, but most things are safe-ish.

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