Will China be able to come to a peaceful resolution with the protesters?

  • Hopefully; protesting can only last for so long.

    Although I can understand why the protesters are acting in the way that they are, and even though Hong Kong's rulers have stated they won't back down, it can only go on for so long. I believe that they can't sustain their behaviour forever as what they're doing is ultimately illegal. I think they will eventually come to a compromise.

  • No, China's past tells a different story.

    I do not believe China will be able to come to a peaceful resolution with their protesters. First of all, China does not have a good reputation for being peaceful with its people. To me, the leaders of the country have only their interest at hand and fail to lack the concerns their people have. For instance, when they were concerned about over crowding they made a law where a family could only have a certain amount of children and sometimes it had to be a specific gender. This marked fears in the hearts of the people. I certainly hope China is capable of changing its ways and begins to listen to the people who make up it's country.

  • China will not be able to come to a peaceful resolution.

    Given the fact that the protesters are asking for the resignation of an official, it is unlikely that it will end with a peaceful resolution. The police have warned the protesters to disburse, yet they insist upon staying and attempting to infiltrate government buildings. China will, in my opinion, see this as a serious threat to their government workers. I highly doubt the resignation will occur as the protesters are demanding, leading to the probable outcome of violence from the protesters.

  • Chinese Citizens Fight for Democracy

    The citizens of communist China have had enough. They are becoming more empowered in their stance on China adopting a democratic government. These people will continue on until they are heard and things change. The government will most likely not change their governing practice and frame any time soon and not without major unrest with the people. Peaceful resolution will not happen, and these citezens will fight for a change.

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