Will China be able to get the Jade Rabbit, their moon rover, to move again?

  • Yes, I think China can get Jade Rabbit to move agian.

    I think it is possible to get the Jade Rabbit to move again. Money to fix it and finding a way to get it back to earth to repair it is a big consideration. Sending astronaunts to fix it would be almost impossible since there has not been a manned flight to the moon in years. They would have to wait until there are manned flights again and who knows when they will occur again.

  • The Jade Rabbit seems to be beyond repair

    China is not well know for admitting that it has a problem. Given the fact that China has released the information that the problems with the Jade Rabbit my be beyond repair it is a given that China has given up on the repairs and that the Jade Rabbit will be left to gather dust without ever moving again.

  • They can build again.

    No, China will not be able to get the Jade Rabbit, their moon rover, to move again, because it needs too many repairs. China would be must wiser to start over with modern technology and a fresh design. China does not have much to gain from a space race, and they should devote their resources to other things.

  • No, I don't think China will be able to get the Jade Rabbit to move again

    Although the Chinese are not stupid or inept, I think they rushed too fast to get their moon rover onto the moon, and the workmanship was shoddy and rushed. Because of that, I do not think they will be able to fix their moon rover remotely and get it moving again.

  • It Is Doubtful

    Initially stories reported that China's Jade Rabbit had been lost and was thought lost, but they did eventually revive it. It seems to be stuck or malfunctioning. I have my doubts they will be able to get it to move again despite it coming back online. No new news has been released in the last day.

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