• China will be forced to end its one-child rule.

    China will be forced to end its one-child rule. I think the ban is pretty stupid to begin with since they are trying to control the population of the culture. Now they have decided that couples can have two children if any of the parents are only children. I think it is a pretty absurd rule and should be ended.

  • China has a unbalanced society

    Yes. China has an imbalance of male and female population. The one-child rule forced some parents that desired a male heir to abort female children. If everyone is having male children, there are females to bear children for the future. If a family is able to take care of their children, they should be able to have amount they so choose, but this is an American thought.

  • Why not just accept the inevitability that the world must grow denser? No need to blame babies for human need for natural increase.

    Yes, because they say you can't fool all the people all the time. Let's face it, the shock-value of China's supposed "overpopulation" has largely worn off, and people are accepting that in this populous world, but of course some countries must have huge populations.

    More and more people would be glad to live. Each and every human life is of immense value and sacred, and so human populations worldwide should spread naturally without restraint.

    As a pro-lifer, I have long favored a greater spread of human life, and a much stronger flow of babies into the world.

  • Yes, as the middle class grows stronger there will be changes.

    China in the beginning of a transition period. As the middle class grows and the standard of living improves in the country, the people will become less supportive of an authoritarian one party government. Once the one party system is overthrown I do not see the people continuing the one child policy as it is so unpopular.

  • One Child Rule in China Can't Last

    It's just a matter of time until China will change it's rule concerning the "One Child Rule." As society changes its opinions concerning life situations, rules such as this one will have no choice but to change. It doesn't matter what country we speak of, things change with time. As to how long this rule will stay in effect is anyone's guess however, it will change eventually.

  • Do it responsibly or keep it in your pants.

    There is way too large a population in China. How is allowing parents to have tons of kids helping anyone over there? You can have tons of sex and not have a child. There is ample opportunity here and I'm sure even more so there. Plus there will be no forcing China to do anything. It's like saying your going to force Americns to give up their guns. Good luck.

  • Too Many People

    Some people see China's one-child policy as a restriction of civil rights. Unfortunately, China has much too large of a population already and it should not be forced to end its one-child rule. A massive amount of urban poor will rise up if China ends this practice. There should be exceptions, of course, such as if the child dies very young. However, China has too many people to deal with to get rid of the one-child rule even though it does restrict certain civil rights.

  • It wouldn't make operational sense to end it.

    China has a resource problem, and they still have an overpopulation problem. Eliminating the one child rule would result in a population that deals with food insecurity on a regular basis having even less access to wholesome, nutritious foods. I think China's one-child rule is here to stay for the forseeable future.

  • China will not be forced to end it's one-child rule.

    China will not be forced to end it's one-child rule. This is because of the fact that China is too powerful to listen to anybody else. Also China's enemies don't want more Chinese people. China will only benefit from decreasing the overpopulation issue with their one-child rule. Nobody wants this to end.

  • Unfortunately, it is for the Best

    There are some things in life that cannot be helped or must be sacrificed for the greater good of the country as a whole. China, as well as places like India, is massively overpopulated. If not curbed, quality of life will dip below acceptable conditions. Recent pollution is a testament to why this is needed.

  • No One Cares

    It is an unfortunate fact that consumers need for cheap deals far outweighs its conscious. It seems every week that news of human's rights violations hits the media air waves and it always falls on deaf ears. We know that working conditions, let alone the standard of living for most citizens is dramatically juxtapose to our own, but we continue to buy. If we do want unfair reproductive laws repealed, we most protest with our dollars.

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