• With 7% growth every year, China will replace USA in economy in 2020

    China is up, USA is down, the trend says enough. With 7% growth every year, China will replace USA in economy in 2020. China has been #1 in economy for thousands years, China just lacked behind in the past 200 years. It is China's turn again. Economy, Military, Technology, no problem for China to catch up in 10 years time.

  • Yes, they already have become a super power

    The question should not be will they, but aren't they. They actually control half the world economy right now and are some of the most employable people in the world. The combination that it brings make them hard to stop already. If they took this power and started to use it the world would be in trouble.

  • They already are a superpower.

    China is a world superpower now. If they ever called in all the debts owed to them, they could bring most of the Western world to it's knees. That's absolute power, and I think it's only a matter of time before they flex that muscle, and then we're all in deep trouble.

  • Yes, China already is.

    China already is the Worlds second largest economy, they have the largest active military on the planet, have the ability to re-engineer to keep pace technologically with any country and is the leader in supporting green and renewable energy. I believe that should China ever unite their 34 provinces and autonomous regions, they will become the superpower of all time.

  • Yes it will.

    Any nation that treats its workers this way is destined to become a superpower. Just like how American workers were treated during the industrial era, Chinese workers are worked for little to no wage. Little to no unions exist to fight working conditions just so companies can make money. This is how America became a superpower, and this is how China will also become a superpower.

  • China has worked to become a superpower.

    China will not become a superpower. China may have the highest GDP, but it lacks some power. Its GDP is also very low when it is per capita. China also is governed by a Communist Party. Their government is considered to be a capitalist economy with some socialist tendencies.Its soft power is politics. Politically, it is part of the Security Council and one of the five h connections of Taiwan and, though it lacks in peace. It is unstable with connections of Taiwan and Tibet, who want to succeed to become their own nations. Also it has a medium relationship with Russia, the European Union, and America. China has rapidly industrialize and become the world's market but many believe it could run out quickly. Due to its rapid industrialization, it's possible we just could go up from dirt cheap to 6, 7, 8, or 9 dollars an hour, collapsing its economic power. Its a military also plays a role in it becoming a superpower. Its active military troops is 2.3 million, larger than any other including the US which is 1.4 million. China locks and military strength being number 3, behind Russia and the US. This is due to defense spending which is a hundred and twenty six billion per year which is in the shadow of the US which is 612 billion per year. The US and Russia also outnumber China when it comes to technical savvy and weaponry.China is the only of the five permanent members to not be able to make its own aircraft carriers.Its military also has corruption.China has a low standard of living, due to burning coal for electricity there pollution is making their country has it is. They're mainly reliant to exporting goods to countries with higher GDP per capita. Due to their rapid growth it is hard to maintain their economy China may one day become a superpower but if they change their ways.

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